When I first started a blog back in 2010, I was creating and posting a few recipes a week. Back then before kids, I had plenty of time on my hands and well as energy. Since my first son was born at the end of 2011, my recipe postings have been minimal, but I wanted to create a recipe index that would help me find old favorites as well as benefit anyone else who stumbles across my blog.

Many of the recipes are paleo or paleo + dairy, but keep in mind that in 2010 ingredients like agave nectar weren’t as controversial as they are now. Just remember that ingredients such as these can most always be substituted with something else (i.e. raw honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc.) I’ve always found that the best recipes are those I tweak to my own liking anyway. Enjoy!

Breakfast  ♦  Appetizers  ♦  Soups  ♦  Sides  ♦  Main Meals  ♦  Desserts ♦  Recommended Recipes


bacon mcgriddle (paleo + dairy)

blueberry zucchini muffins (paleo)

chocolate almond stack with cream cheese and fruit (paleo + dairy)

chocolate banana muffins (paleo)

chocolate banana paleo pancakes (paleo)

chocolate chip loaf bread (paleo option)

cinnamon muffins (paleo)

crustless quiche (paleo + dairy)

easy quiche (paleo + dairy)

quiche ramekins (paleo + dairy)

pear zucchini muffins (paleo)

pumpkin donuts (gluten-free)

sweet potato hashbrowns (paleo)

zucchini carrot muffins (paleo)


Appetizers, Snacks and Condiments

bacon-wrapped prune smokies (paleo)

balsamic salad dressing (paleo)

chips (paleo)

coconut cashew bars (paleo)

crockpot apple butter (paleo)

gluten-free jalapeno cornbread muffins

guacamole (paleo)

jalapeno poppers (paleo + dairy)

mango salsa (paleo)

pastrami roll (paleo)

pesto (paleo, dairy optional)

red bell pepper cream cheese dip (paleo + dairy)

sweet and tangy salad dressing (paleo)

thai cashew coconut cream sauce (paleo)

zucchini saltimbocca (paleo + dairy)


Soups and Stews

beef stew (paleo)

buffalo chicken soup (paleo)

butternut squash soup (paleo)

chicken tortilla soup (paleo)

creamy tomato basil soup (paleo + dairy)

crockpot mexican chicken chili (paleo)

crockpot jambalaya (gluten free)

last-minute chowder (gluten free)

pineapple chili (paleo)

texas chili (paleo)



butternut squash ramekins (paleo + dairy)

cauliflower casserole (paleo)

cauliflower mash (paleo + dairy)

chilled summer salad (paleo + dairy)

stacked salad (paleo, dairy optional)

sweet potato souffle (paleo)

twice-baked acorn squash (paleo)

twice-baked butternut squash (paleo)


Main Meals

baked fish with spinach and bacon (paleo + dairy)

buffalo chicken casserole (paleo + dairy)

cauliflower pizza crust (paleo + dairy)

chicken artichoke spaghetti (paleo + dairy)

chicken alfredo (paleo + dairy)

chicken fajitas (paleo)

chicken zucchini lasagna (paleo + dairy)

coconut fried chicken (paleo)

country fried steak (paleo)

crab cakes (paleo, dairy optional)

crockpot beef bourguignon (paleo + red wine)

crockpot chili verde (paleo)

crockpot jambalaya with quinoa (gluten free)

crockpot jambalaya atop cauliflower rice (paleo)

crockpot orange chicken (paleo)

german rouladen (paleo)

last-minute chowder (gluten free)

layered sweet potato casserole (paleo + dairy)

mahi mahi with mango salsa (paleo)

meatloaf (paleo)

pot roast with mashed parsnips

shepherds pie (paleo)

spaghetti squash with marinara meat sauce (paleo)

sweet potato-topped chicken pot pie (paleo + dairy)

tomato-based chicken rouladen (paleo + dairy)



brownie bites (paleo)

brownie pizza

chocolate avocado cupcakes (paleo + dairy)

chocolate banana coconut cream crepes (paleo)

chocolate cake with chocolate icing (paleo + dairy)

cinnamon crumb cake (paleo + dairy)

coconut chocolate chip cookies (paleo)

flourless chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

gluten-free devils food cake

gluten-free strawberry cake

gluten-free strawberry cobbler

iced chocolate bundt cake (paleo + dairy)

key lime cupcakes (paleo + dairy)

mango upside-down coconut cake (paleo)

pumpkin crisp

pumpkin crisp (paleo)

pumpkin donuts (gluten-free)

pumpkin molasses cookies (paleo)

pumpkin pie (paleo)

pumpkin souffle (paleo + dairy)

stewed whole chicken (paleo)

sweet potato cupcakes with blueberry icing (paleo + dairy)

tangy raspberry crisp (paleo)


Recommended Recipes

chicken parmigiana (paleo + dairy)

chocolate chip cookies (paleo)

blue cheese bacon dip

butternut squash and apple soup (paleo)

cinnamon-pecan rolls

luau sloppy joes (paleo)

maple bacon butternut squash soup (paleo)

banana bread (paleo)

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (paleo)

spinach artichoke dip


summer vegetable tian

triple chocolate cake

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