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5 Reasons to Visit Skitts Mountain Farms This Fall

Add Skitts Mountain Farms to your must-visit list this fall to experience nearly 20 outdoor farm activities while soaking up that ideal fall weather in a scenic setting.

5 Reasons to Visit Skitts Mountain Farms This Fall

Less than 30 minutes northeast of Lake Lanier, you’ll find the small town of Cleveland, Georgia. Most known for the local attractions of Babyland General (Cabbage Patch Kids), Yonah Mountain and a slew of nearby wineries, Cleveland also boasts some hidden gems that may surprise you.

One of those gems is Skitts Mountain Farms on the south side of town. It’s less than 75 minutes north of downtown Atlanta and a little more than 20 minutes south of nearby Helen, Georgia.

Unless you’re local, Skitts Mountain Farms may not have the household name of other fall farms in North Georgia yet, but I can vouch that it won’t be long until your kids beg you to visit each fall. 2023 marks Skitts Mountain Farms’ third season in business, and from our chats with the owners last fall, they have plans to continue expanding with fun offerings for kids and adults alike. Find out more about pricing and open hours.

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Last fall, we visited Skitts Mountain Farms twice, and once the year before. Each time, my kids spent 3 to 4 hours exploring the property and all the fall fun it had to offer. As a mom of four kids ages 5 to 11, here’s why I choose to take my kids to Skitts Mountain Farms year after year instead of other fall farms.

Room to Roam

Though claustrophobia on a farm sounds rare, it can easily happen when more and more activities are added without proper spacing. Thankfully, Skitts Mountain Farms has plenty of room for your family to roam as you explore. Built on top of an old golf course, you can rest assured there is ample room for all kinds of fall fun without any crowding. In fact, you’ll likely use nearly as much energy as your kids as you traipse around the farm from one activity to another.

On one end of the farm at the crest of a rolling hill, you’ll find a covered tractor ride, which gives you a glimpse of much of the lay of the land. And at the other end of the farm, you’ll find a pond that end caps the giant farm slides and popular cow rides. In between are multiple corn mazes, putt putt golf, a jumping pillow, concessions area, pumpkin patch, petting zoo and numerous farm games. Part of the fun for my kids was running across the fields from activity to activity.

Despite the fact that Skitts Mountain Farms spans considerable acreage, you’ll feel safe letting older kids roam on their own. The farm activities are set off from the parking lot by an ticket tent, fencing and double ponds, while the permanent fence around the edge of the old golf course remains in tact to hem everything in.

Activities for All Ages

Though some farms in North Georgia are known for certain activities, Skitts Mountain Farms seems to offer most every fall activity all in one place. Thinking back, I counted nearly 20 activities at the farm.

Whether you’re visiting with a 3 year old, 13 year old or 43 year old, there are ample adventures for every age. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite activities at the farm:

5 Reasons to Visit Skitts Mountain Farms This Fall

Young kids’ faves:

  • Cow Train
  • Wagon Rides
  • Jumping Pillow
  • John Deere Track
  • Tricycle Races

Big kids’ faves:

  • Corn Maze
  • Giant Slides
  • High Striker
  • Zip Lines
  • Putt Putt

Parents’ faves:

  • Fresh air
  • No electronics
  • Happy, tired kids
  • (Oh, and we actually participated in most every activity with our kids!)

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Excellent Service

From our three visits (and counting) to Skitts Mountain Farms over the past two years, we’ve been impressed that you can find the owners out and about, willing to chat with patrons as they enjoy the farm activities. We love their hands-on approach and their visibility with the public. We learned from one such chat that the owners are locals who purchased the old golf course so that it would stay in local hands. And as a way to pour back in to the community, the idea of Skitts Mountain Farms was born.

Apart from great ownership, we’ve found that these leadership qualities have trickled down to the farm’s employees. Whether it’s the person selling tickets or serving concessions or regulating the farm slides, the service staff is friendly and energetic. It’s quite obvious that no one at Skitts Mountain Farms hates their jobs. In fact, their enthusiasm is a bit contagious for kids and adults, alike. It’s no wonder my family has the fondest memories of our visits to Skitts Mountain Farms.

skitts mountain farms views

Scenic Views

Apart from tired, happy kids, one thing you’re sure to take home with you from Skitts Mountain Farms is an appreciation of the scenic views. The city of Cleveland lies at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and, as such, you can take in those rolling hills with a quick sweep of the farm. Known as the City of Mountain Breezes, Cleveland stands 1,570 feet above sea level, which means you’re sure to enjoy slightly cooler temperatures and more noticeable breezes than towns of lower sea levels.

When you take in your surroundings from the center of Skitts Mountain Farms, you’ll find yourself encircled by tree lines, mountain foothills, corn fields (aka corn mazes) and quaint ponds. And if you time it just right, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse of the changing of the leaves to fall colors if you visit the farm later in October.

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No Hassle with Traffic

Unlike nearby Helen during Oktoberfest or Ellijay and Blue Ridge during apple season, you won’t have to navigate around traffic or closed roads due to festivals to get to Skitts Mountain Farms this fall. As a farm property (and a past golf course), it’s a large property on the outskirts of downtown Cleveland so there’s isn’t anything to run into.

From Atlanta, you travel up I-85 to I-985 (which turns into SR 365) for the majority of the drive before turning off for the final 10 miles to the farm. This makes for an easy day trip out of the big city to enjoy the fall scenery and the great outdoors.

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If you decide to spend the day in Cleveland exploring, there are plenty of other sights to see near Skitts Mountain Farms that cater to all tastes, including young families, wine aficionados, hikers, bikers, history buffs and more:

From fun farm activities to its scenic setting, Skitts Mountain Farms is the perfect fall destination for any group who wants to enjoy the changing fall weather while making memories together.



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