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How to Overcome Being Tired on the Carnivore Diet

Are you a newbie to the Carnivore Diet, but struggling with fatigue? Don’t worry, here are 8 tips for you to overcome being tired on the Carnivore Diet by tweaking your diet or your lifestyle to enjoy an increase in energy.

The Carnivore Diet is surging in popularity internationally. Newcomers try the all-meat diet in response to physical and mental health issues, such as weight loss, blood sugar regulation, reverse of chronic disease, improved mood, increased mental clarity, heightened testosterone, improved skin and even a boost in energy.

As a busy generation who is always skipping from one thing to the next, added energy (especially natural energy) is welcomed and longed for by most all of us.

But what if you’ve started the Carnivore Diet and have yet to get that energy boost everyone is raving about? In fact, what if you’re more tired than when you were eating carbs?

Don’t worry too much about your energy levels just yet.

Since all our bodies are different, it may take yours a little longer to find that sweet spot for overcoming fatigue and enjoying that pep in your step.

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There are a number of reasons why you may be tired despite a strict Carnivore Diet. Some of these reasons may center around the diet itself, while others may be attributed to your personal life.

Skim through these 8 ways to overcome being tired on the Carnivore Diet to see if there are ways you can tweak your diet or your lifestyle to increase your energy—or at least make it to the threshold when your body adapts to the diet and you become a fat-burning machine.

How to Overcome Being Tired on the Carnivore Diet

Give It Time

For you newbie Carnivores who’ve been at it less than 30 days, sometimes the only answer to overcoming tiredness is time. Everyone’s body is different and will take different lengths of time to adapt to a meat-based, fat-burning diet.

You’ll hear stories of some people adapting in a week with skyrocketing energy after 7 days, while others may take three months. Don’t quit too early—instead, give your body time to adapt and overcome being tired on the Carnivore Diet.

For many newbies, 30 days likely won’t be long enough for your body to acclimate. I’d suggest setting a goal of at least 60 or 90 days to ensure you can see your body’s full results before deciding whether to stick with the Carnivore Diet.

How to Overcome Being Tired on the Carnivore Diet, Eat more fat

Eat More Fat

If you’re at least two weeks into the Carnivore Diet, but are still feeling sluggish, you may need to eat more fat. Though the Carnivore Diet doesn’t promote tracking macros, I tracked mine for my first week to ensure I was getting enough protein and fat since a no-carb diet was new to me.

I benefited from the Carnivore setting on the Carb Manager app and found it super helpful as it helped me set a fat-to-protein ratio (based on body weight and activity level) that I wouldn’t have been able to easily eyeball that first week while preparing my food.

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Some of the best fats you can eat on the Carnivore Diet include fatty meats such as ribeye steaks, high-fat-content ground beef, eggs, fatty fish such as salmon and animal fats such as butter, tallow and suet. Also, some people on the Carnivore Diet are ok with full fat dairy, but you’ll have to experiment to see how your body responds.

Reintroduce Honey

Though this topic is highly controversial in the Carnivore community, some Carnivore proponents (especially athletes), such as Dr. Paul Saladino, have found they can sustain the diet longer by reintroducing simple carbs such as honey.

For athletes on the Carnivore Diet, adding in less than 50 or 100g a day of honey or other simple carbs such as white rice, squashes or fruit turned out to be the perfect balance to optimize health while sustaining athletic endeavors.

My husband (with a lean athletic build and low body fat) found that long-term, he performed best by adding in less than 50g of simple carbs, such as white rice or sweet potato to his diet, on days when he completed hard workouts. As a CrossFit athlete who also plays volleyball and pickleball, he timed the carb consumption after intense exercise to aid in muscle recovery and sustain his energy levels throughout the day.

How to Overcome Being Tired on the Carnivore Diet

Spend More Time Outside

Being outside is so good for people at any age or at any stage of health. Nature and fresh air helps us de-stress, relax and find natural energy, as well as assist with self reflection and gratitude, reduce anxiety, offer a break from technology and more.

My body’s slump time of day is late afternoon, which happens to be when my kids get home from school. But when the weather is nice, I find that if I get outside with them during this time, I’m more energized.

Throw the ball with your kids. Push them on the tree swing. Or simply soak in the natural creation all around you.

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Not far behind simply being outside, going on a walk or hike outdoors is one of my favorite activities to do when I’m tired. Walk your dog. Walk your neighborhood. Hike the woods near your house. Do walking lunges in your backyard—or even your front yard.

Your neighbors will think you’re crazy, but all those endorphins will make you feel, so good you won’t even care. Not only will the fresh air do you good, but a change of scenery and some natural Vitamin D and Vitamin N(ature) will as well.

Shower During Your Slump

With many employees now working from home, showering when you start to feel tired is now much more possible than it used to be. If you’re a night owl and find it hard to wake up in the mornings, shower first thing to get your body going. If you find your energy waning after lunch and you work from home, use your lunch break to shower and counteract your after-lunch energy slump.

Whether you prefer hot or cold showers, any change in body temperature will signal a reaction in your body.

Hot showers can relieve tension and improve respiratory function, while cold showers can improve circulation and muscle recovery. However you choose to shower, opting for the task during your usual slump time is a great way to wake up your body and increase your energy. Even consider stretching in the shower to improve flexibility and really get the blood flowing.

Carnivore Coffee recipe

Sip Carnivore Coffee

Many Carnivore dieters have been able to cut out caffeine once their body adapts to fat-burning. But for those of us who haven’t cut out caffeine, sometimes it’s ok to have a warm cup of joe when you’re tired—especially if you need to be productive.

Though many Carnivores stick with black coffee, there are variations that pack a punch of energy, thanks to not only caffeine but also fats. Bulletproof coffee has been the rage in certain health communities for years, but I prefer adding grassfed unsalted butter, heavy cream and collagen peptides to my coffee, blending with a handheld immersion blender to create that perfect frothiness on top. Trust me, you won’t even miss the sugar in your coffee.

Try my go-to recipe for the perfect cup of Carnivore coffee.

Exercise Regularly

Whether you decide to go on a short jog or do a CrossFit or HIIT workout that skyrockets your heart rate, exercising is great for the human body. Working out can provide a natural energy boost by releasing endorphins when your heart rate starts rising, your blood starts pumping and your oxygen circulation is boosted. Exercise has long been touted as one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep, too.

For Carnivore Dieters, exercising regularly also helps to jumpstart your body’s fat-burning capabilities, which is important if you are using the diet to shed unwanted body weight.

Exercising has always been my healthy stress outlet and it’s also a great way to cope with starting the Carnivore Diet in the beginning, when meals can feel more restrictive until your body adjusts and the cravings diminish.

Spend Time Coupling with Your Spouse

While you’re thinking about exercising opportunities, one of the best forms of exercise is coupling with your spouse regularly. Not only does this release endorphins similar to those in mainstream workouts, but sex also releases oxytocin. This double whammy of energy rivals that brewing coffee or steaming shower you’re accustomed to first thing in the morning.

Sex also naturally manages your estrogen and testosterone levels, improves sleep and decreases stress—all of which to contribute to your overall energy levels.

5 Quick Energy Fixes

If you’re new to the Carnivore Diet but need some energy tips to help you make it through until your body becomes fat-adapted for energy usage, try these quick fixes:

  • Take a power nap
  • Diffuse an uplifting citrusy essential oil
  • Turn on upbeat music
  • Take break and laugh
  • Stretch or do yoga
  • Unplug from technology

What Not to Do When You’re Tired

And, of course, no matter our diet, there are some things in life that can suck away our energy (physically and mentally) no matter what we’re eating. If you’re already feeling tired on the Carnivore Diet, it’s best to avoid the following activities and instead choose more productive uses of your time.

  • Don’t watch TV
  • Don’t scroll your phone
  • Don’t drive a long distance
  • Don’t read (unless you’re able to nap, sleep)
  • Don’t complain or wallow

Have you experienced being tired on the Carnivore Diet? What energy tips have worked for you?



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  1. Loved these tips. will try to incorporate. Just passed the 30 day mark and feeling blue about these bouts of fatigue!! #FeelingEncouraged. Cheers!

    1. I was feeling blue too, but these tips really helped me in my understanding of Carnivore! Thank you for everything you suggest for this WOE!!!

  2. when your tired on a carnivor diet it’s because you’re not getting enough electrolytes. According to Dr. Berry (i follow him on you tube, an expert on the diet) you must have equal fats and protein and salt! Drinking an electrolyte drink 2 maybe 3 times a day. Gatorade does not have enough so it doesn’t help. Something with no sugars or extra stuff in it. There’s several on Amazon. LMNT is what I use and is advised by several successful carnivore eaters. But there are also others. Just make sure it’s clean with no added ingredients. It really is the missing piece for energy.

  3. This way of eating forc2 years, fixed pre diabetes and lost 30 lbs but HBP and low energy is still haunting me. Will try these ideas and see if it helps any, thanks!

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