House Under Contract

house under contract boys fence

Well, that was quick.

We weren’t sure what to expect when we put our house on the market at noon last Monday–especially since we thought we’d give the For Sale By Owner route a shot. After all, would you really expect a normal course of action for a family who is about to live together in an RV for a year? I think not. Apparently, we’re trying to break the mold in every way we can think of.

We had 1,000 views on our Zillow listing within the first 24 hours, probably 20 from my own clicks. In 48 hours, we had five showings and three offers on the table. I’ve fielded numerous calls from real estate agents who are trying to convince us to use them as a seller’s agent, but it seems like we’ve managed just fine on our own. Thankfully, James’ mom is a real estate agent and my mom is an attorney, so we’re very fortunate that we have all the bases covered.

I’ve heard so many people tout the effectiveness of an FMLS listing for selling a house, and while I definitely think it helps to boost your views and potential showings, all you really need is one good offer, despite the odds. Fortunately, we got three.

Last week, I changed our status on Zillow to “Pending Under Contract.” I am no longer running after the Rowdy boys with a wet rag to keep the place spic-and-span and I’m no longer tossing and turning at night wondering how everything will work out with the multiple offers we received. (Now, I’m just tossing and turning thinking about our timeline for after we close on the house. More on that once we figure it out!)

Of course, thoughts have run through my head wondering if we priced our home too low. But when I think about it, I wholeheartedly believe we set a fair price, not just for ourselves, but for a potential buyer, too. Our goal is not to swindle anyone, but rather to pass on a great home to another family for the taking.

It’s still a bit surreal to think that this house that we’ve inhabited for nearly three years will only be ours for a few more weeks. I know it will be bittersweet when moving day arrives, but I’m beyond excited about what lies ahead and the ability we will have to take the reins of adventure for a year.