Officially On the Market…House for Sale in Kennesaw, GA

As of today, it’s official–including Facebook official, which is the most official of official. We have listed our house on Zillow For Sale By Owner…because why not? If it doesn’t get much traffic in the next week or so, we will list with an agent. But for now, I’m trying my hardest to keep everything as clean as possible, which means I’m running around after the Rowdy boys with a wet rag in my hand ready to wipe up all the unavoidable messes!

View our listing on Zillow–or share it with any friends!

Here are just a few of the listing pictures. We have spent so much time and effort making updates during the past nearly three years. Here’s to hoping it was worth it!


Living Room




Master Bedroom


Selling our home will be a major step toward embarking on our RV adventure!

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