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third trimester and the nursery

Well the third trimester is finally here! I’m 28 weeks, and it’s hard to believe that Dec. 31 is just around the corner.

I had my 7-month appointment earlier in the week, and luckily passed my glucose test “with flying colors,” according to the nurse. I had heard about so many women failing the one-hour test that I was super paranoid. But I guess me passing just reinforces my go-to breakfast of bacon and eggs 🙂

I’m still CrossFitting away, and enjoying every minute of it. I average 3 or 4 trips to the gym each week. This past week, we did tababta overhead squats one day. I did light weight (45lbs), but managed to do 60 squats in the four-minute mini workout.

Notice the Pirate Pending T-shirt 🙂

Last week, my brother came down from Chattanooga for a few days to visit. While he was here, I convinced him to paint the nursery for me. He did a great job!

Yesterday, my parents came up with a truckload of baby furniture, and our extra bedroom was transformed from a guest room to a nursery in a few short hours.

My mom and I found this wooden table for $10 at a Hilton Head thrift shop over Labor Day weekend. After a few coats of white paint and some inexpensive knobs from Home Depot, it was completely transformed.

My mom used this baby chest for me, my sister and my brother when we were babies. Originally cream, she painted it white and added more inexpensive knobs, and voila!

My sister found this glider, a baby crib and matching changing table on Craigslist in Hilton Head. The glider is lightweight but super comfortable, and I love that it came with an ottoman.

Though my first shower isn’t for two weeks, my mom went ahead and gave me my crib bedding as an early gift since we were putting together the nursery. It took me weeks of searching, but I finally settled on this bedding that was a little more sophisticated than cutesy. I loved the colors and the contemporary look of the buildings. Hopefully the wrinkles will fall out with time!

My parents also brought up one of the old twin beds that my sister and I slept in growing up. I purchased a white down comforter for it (yes, also wrinkled) and two throw pillows that feature blue, gray and yellow dots. Now, I just have to find a large colored pillow to make the throw pillows pop.

We had quite a ‘fun’ time putting together the changing table, which matches the crib. After my showers, I’ll figure out how to best organize things.

Next item of business: working on some wall art. I’m in the middle of a few projects that I hope will look great on the walls.

Today is the hubby’s 31st birthday, and we’re having a couple couples over to fondue.

I’m glad you’re over the mustache phase 🙂

And in case you’re wondering, you’re still a stud to me–and you’ve got skillz.

Somehow, you always end up on top. Guess that’s why your nickname is the Golden Child. Love you!

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