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favorite fall recipes…pumpkin + apples

Last fall, my friend Lindsey and I held Pumpkin Night, which turned out so well, we held an Apple Night a month later.

Last week, we combined the two and called it Fall Night. We resurrected Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, and this generous recipe makes enough of this healthy goodness to stock your freezer for weeks. Paleo peeps, this soup is a great recipe for you.

I eaten the leftovers from this soup every day for the past 5 days. And each time, it’s been just as delicious. Yesterday, I made some parmesan cheddar crisps, and topped the soup with toasted pecans and bacon crumbles. Delicious!

Along with our amazing soup, we made Spinach Pomegranate Salad with Apples and Walnuts. I forgot to take a picture, but here’s the one from the recipe website. This salad was amazing, and we added a generous amount of the toppings.

We also made another batch of Pumpkin Crisp, only this time I used gluten-free cake mix, since most all grocery stores carry it now.

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