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Last Saturday, I experienced my first baby shower in my hometown of Gainesville, Ga. Despite being sick, I managed to put up a good front for two hours, as I visited with roughly 35 women and spent the majority of the time opening precious gifts.

After the shower, a bit tired and delirious, I reflected on just how blessed I am to have so many friends and family friends supporting me on this next big step in my life. The women at the shower have known me since I was a small girl, have seen me grow up and graduate high school, and attended my wedding three and a half years ago.

The women who threw the shower will always have a special place in my heart:

They’re the ones who cabined at Vogel State Park with my family every fall and spring for more than decade. 
They’re the ones whose families spent New Year’s Day playing two-hand-touch football with us on front lawns. 
They’re the ones who maxed out our mini van so we could pay a low set price to get into Lake Lanier Islands in the summer. 
They’re the ones whose husbands took us trick or treating and put on impromptu magic shows to entertain us. 
They’re the ones I ran to when I was hurt and couldn’t find my mom. 
They’re the ones who let us be free, let us be kids and encouraged us to rise to our full potential.

I will forever be grateful to these women who have left such an impression on my life. Thankfully, I have them to remind me what it’s like to be a great mother.

Despite many of the registry items I received, I also received many sentimental homemade gifts as well.

  • Grandma Hunt gave me a children’s bible that she used to read to James growing up.
  • Cousin Beth gave me a variety of handmade light-weight nursing blankets.
  • My Grandma (mom’s mom) gave me a sweet tote that was similar to the one she made for my little brother and cousin when they were toddlers two decades ago.
  • My Grandmother (dad’s mom) gave me a stockpile of soft fleecy receiving blankets.
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