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15 Ways to Show Hospitality to a New Mom

Consider these unique, practical and thoughtful ways to show hospitality and encouragement to a new mom.

For millennia, women have come alongside other women to support them after childbirth, offering help in a myriad of ways depending on their circumstances.

As new moms experience a range of emotions and physical recovery after childbirth, it’s important to encourage and support them through this major life change and healing process.

Consider these unique, practical and thoughtful ways to show hospitality and encouragement to a new mom.

As a fourth time mom, I have a pretty good handle on what it’s like to birth babies and also recover from birthing babies. Some days, you just want a little peace and quiet, and other days, you can’t wait for a friend to drop by so you can chat with an adult.

So if you know a friend, acquaintance or even have met a recent stranger with a new baby, it’s important to reach out and show biblical hospitality in some small, yet meaningful way.

As Christian women, we are called to habitually open our heart, home, time and portion to welcome, serve and love others.

Thankfully, Jesus gave us the greatest example hospitality by sacrificing his life and welcoming us into eternal life and a seat at God’s table. So then, we must strive to love each other as he has loved us (John 15:12). Even when it’s hard or we’re busy, stressed or tired.

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The Bible offers other nuggets of wisdom about helping others, including verses in Proverbs:

“Generous persons will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

What we need to remember is:

Our generosity and hospitality toward others doesn’t depend on how much we have to give, but rather, our willingness to give what we have. As Paul wrote in 1 Thess. 5:11, we must continue encouraging each other and building each other up.

So how can you offer hospitality, generosity and encouragement to a new mom you know? I’ve got 15 unique, practical and thoughtful ideas to help get you started.

1. Home-Cooked Meal

A healthy home-cooked meal is a simple, but thoughtful gift for a new mom. As she’s recovering from delivery, worrying about dinner is one less task on her plate. Try to plan a well-rounded meal that includes protein and vegetables. And be sure to ask about food preferences and allergies.

Some of my favorite meals to take include soups, stews and casseroles because they make it easy to double the portion to feed your family at the same time.

2. Adult Coloring Book

As if new moms don’t have a million things to do, why not add a little coloring to the list?! But seriously, even though many new moms are busy getting things done during baby’s nap times, sometimes, it’s nice to slow down and rest. That’s where coloring comes in.

For new moms, coloring can be soothing, reduce anxiety and keep them away from endless phone scrolling or TV to pass the time. And if you gift a new mom a coloring book filled with scripture, it offers a great way for her to meditate on God’s word during a busy, sleep-deprived time of life.

3. Babysit Older Kids

If a new mom has multiple children, offer to take the older kids on an outing one afternoon. It can be as simple as a trip to the park followed by ice cream. A little break will give a new mom the chance to rest, while giving the older kids attention and helping them to expend energy.

4. One-Time Meal Kit

Meal kits are all the rage these days. If you don’t have time to cook a meal for a new mom, ordering a meal kit makes it super simple for her or her spouse to whip up dinner in less than 30 minutes. If you’re really creative, you can also make your own meal kit for a new mom. Tacos with all the fixings is a great inexpensive idea that simply require a quick trip to the grocery store.

5. Coffee Mug with Coffee or Tea

Many new moms are fueled by coffee during those early newborn days. And if they’ve given up caffeine, herbal tea is a great alternative. Find a fun coffee mug and gift it with a bag of specialty coffee or a box of herbal tea to show thoughtfulness to a new mom. Include a hand-written note congratulating her and letting her know you’re there for support.

6. Favorite Takeout or Delivered Dinner

Sometimes, all a new mom really wants is a bit of comfort food—healthy or not! Ask about her favorite takeout or delivery joint, then coordinate with her to find the right night to send her a meal.

7. Busy Toy Ideas for Older Kids

Often, the best gift for a new mom is a few minutes of peace while she handles all the necessary tasks like feeding, changing and bathing the newborn. If a mom has multiple kids, think about the gift of entertainment for her other children.

Make a busy box for toddlers or gift magnetic building tiles, Legos, age-appropriate board games or puzzles for older kids to enjoy. This way, when mom needs to feed the baby, she can pull out your special gift for her older kids to keep them occupied.

8. Favorite Parenting Book

Sometimes, the best gift is one that keeps on giving. Considering giving a new mom one of your favorite parenting books. Maybe the topic is helping your baby sleep, breastfeeding or biblical parenting. If it’s a book that helped you with your baby, then she’ll be grateful for you passing on the knowledge.

9. Help with Chores

Some new moms experience delayed recovery from childbirth, babies with health issues or a myriad of other situations that may slow down their pace of getting back to a normal life routine. If you know a new mom who is taking a while to bounce back, an offer to help with practical chores may be a Godsend for her.

Depending on her circumstances, you could offer to help clean her home, wash and fold her laundry, take care of her flower bed or garden and more.

10. Next Size Up in Diapers

Can a new mom ever have too many diapers? If you want to do her a huge favor, buy her a box of the next size up in diapers. Babies grow so fast that it seems like they graduate to the next size in diapers overnight, and the last thing she wants to do is not be prepared.

11. Errand Runner

Many new moms are hesitant to take their newborn out and about right away, especially if a baby is born in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. Offer to take her car for an oil change, grab her groceries or pick up her dry cleaning to make it a little easier for her.

12. Baby Backup Kit

Most new moms have a diaper bag packed and ready to go, but creating a baby backup kit gives her a little peace of mind. She may keep the kit at the grandparent’s house or in her spouse’s car. Stock your kit in a cute inexpensive bag with all the basic diaper bag essentials: diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, set of clothes, pacifier, burp cloth, hand sanitizer and changing pad.

13. Nursing Station Kit

If your new mom friend is breastfeeding, she will love a nursing station kit. Find a cute caddy and stock it with breastfeeding essentials such as a water bottle, nursing pads, burp cloth, nipple cream, milk catcher and convenient snacks. She may keep it in her nursery, but she can also move it around her home or take it with her when she travels.

14. Postpartum Bath Kit

Recovering from birth takes weeks and baths are an excellent way for the postpartum body to heal. Use a waterproof caddy to create a special bath kit for a new mom. Include items such as a sitz bath soak, tea tree and lavender essential oils, postpartum tea, bath pillow, gentle bath sponge and natural body wash.

15. Lactation Cookies

If a new mom is breastfeeding, she will love the surprise gift of lactation cookies as her milk supply is regulating. If she doesn’t need them right away, she has the option of freezing them for when she does. You can order and ship her a batch, gift her a mix or bake your own.

What are your go-to gifts for a new mom to show biblical hospitality?

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