Why We Chose to Buy a Fifth Wheel

Earlier in the spring, I wrote a post comparing fifth wheels and travel trailers after reaching out to several seasoned RVing families. A month ago, we took the plunge and purchased a used fifth wheel after tons of research and walk-throughs. Find out why we decided on a fifth wheel in my first post on RoverPass.com, a website that allows you to search for RV parks, sort by amenities and send multiple reservation requests in less than a minute.

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Why We Chose FIfth Wheel RoverPass

Last summer, my husband and I decided to get rid of a lot of our stuff, sell our house and buy an RV to travel the country with our three young kids before our oldest begins kindergarten in August 2017. It took us nearly a year to line up all the details before we sold our house, found a temporary home base and purchased our very first RV. Read more

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