Friday Randoms

scarlett 15 months

Scarlett hit 15 months earlier this week and had her wellness check up this morning. It’s crazy to think that when Beau was this age I was 8 months pregnant with her! She’s still tiny–just 11% for weight–but at least we’re maintaining in the double digits. #perspective  I’m still nursing her a couple times a day, but I have a feeling she will be completely weaned soon. Her little baby hairs are still growing, slow but steady. I am hoping she’ll have James Michael’s thick hair, but at this point his really started taking off. Hopefully, she’ll be sporting cute braids in another year!

beaudozer slide deck

This picture depicts Beau at least half the time, always laughing and playful. Another 25% consists of tantrums and the other 25% is him eating. Life of a two year old. He has been following a restricted diet for about 3 weeks now (no wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish), but thankfully he doesn’t appear to have lost any weight. This week he decided to start potty training (his request) and James Michael is basically his coach. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they both get a jellybean if Beau uses the potty. Yesterday, James Michael said, “Come on Beau, do it just like I taught you.” Motivating James Michael to potty train Beau may be the most genius move ever. Time will tell. I’m hoping he will be trained before we move out of our house in a few weeks.

JM Dr Seuss Hat

James Michael has two weeks left at his morning preschool before we move to my Grandma’s vacant house. He will have attended school at Summit Baptist Christian Academy nearly three years by the time we leave. So far, this has been the hardest point of our new journey, though I know harder goodbyes are yet to come. But I guess it will be the first official goodbye. He has had wonderful teachers every year who have invested so much in him. As we navigate unschooling (or roadschooling) for Pre-K on the road, I will have huge shoes to fill. Thankfully, James Michael loves learning and will likely thrive despite my shortcomings as a teacher.


House stuff is going well. We have agreed to fix a few items from the inspection report before closing day. The appraisal should happen any day now, so I’m just praying it comes in at the accepted offer. As soon as we get the appraisal, I’ll start taking down decor and packaging up as much of the smaller items as I can. Thankfully, I have been purging so much stuff since last summer that it doesn’t seem too overwhelming at this point. But still, packing just takes time, especially as I’m watching little ones.

Toms Avalon Sneakers

Even though I’m minimizing, I recently purchased another pair of Toms shoes. It’s one of my favorite brands, not just because of its mission but because I find its shoes super comfortable. I’ve found that as I get older, I can’t wear flip flops throughout the day in warm weather. It’s just not enough support for my feet–maybe it’s the flipping and flopping motion, who knows. And it’s not that Tom’s have crazy support, but they work for me. I recently retired another pair of classic Toms after wearing a hole in the toe, and found another pair at for 25% off. This version has a thicker rubber sole, and even though they still aren’t as cheap as off brands, I wear my Toms so much that they are well worth the investment.

kids tire swing

What else? We have been spending most every moment we can outdoors thanks to this early springtime weather. We’ll go to a local park for a couple hours or even play in our backyard to make life easy. The kids are loving it and I am, too. Now that Scarlett is fairly steady on her feet, she can walk around and explore (and entertain herself!) at will. We’re looking forward to a weekend filled with a birthday party, an Easter egg hunt and a cookout with friends.

scarlett big wheel