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6 Month Bump Update

6 month bump

This past weekend, I hit the 6-month mark in this pregnancy. And while it seems like I’ve come such a long way, I still realize how far I have to go, especially as I’m taking care of the Rowdy boys. I’ve finally hit the point in this pregnancy where I’m wanting December to come soon. I never felt this way with my pregnancies with the boys, but these brothers really keep me on my toes, quite literally.

bump photo bomb

6 month bump photobomb

As of this morning, I’ve gained 15 pounds. With Beau, I had gained 17 pounds by 26 weeks, so it looks like I’m on par with that pregnancy at this point. Even though I don’t quite look like I’m 8 months along (though 8 months along with Beau looks like 6 months with Scarlett!), my body feels as if birth is impending. With James Michael’s pregnancy, as with most first pregnancies, I barely felt a thing: no braxton hicks and little overall discomfort. During Beau’s pregnancy, I had some sciatic nerve issues twice during my second trimester, and by 8 months along could really feel my body prepping for labor as the inevitable spreading and awkward slow waddle began (and it didn’t help that we moved when I was 8 months pregnant).

Now that it’s my third pregnancy, I started feeling that way at 5.5 months. Yikes! I had some persistent cramping for a couple days around 5.5 months and got it checked out, but there didn’t seem to be alarming or unusual reason for it. Many people may think that hand placed beneath my bump means I’m basking in feeling little Scarlett’s movement. Au contraire! Instead, I’m just trying to support her and make sure she stays put. At my anatomy ultrasound, she was measuring slightly larger than the boys at the same point, and she seems to be sitting much much lower and is already head down, which means I’m feeling the pressure. I told my midwife today that I feel like she’s already dropped, and she said this is how it can often feel with third pregnancies. It may be a long road to December. I can go from feeling lightfooted and normal to heavy and achy in a matter of an hour. It’s crazy.

22 week bump

6 month bump selfie

Gotta love the blurry bump selfie!

I’ve continued to WOD at the gym two days a week during the past month, minus the week at the beach. Thankfully, I’m still feeling good and it’s actually easier for me to do CrossFit (mostly scaled) than it is to push the boys on a 3-mile stroller walk. This isn’t much different from how it was with the boys. I don’t know how people run throughout their pregnancy. It’s not even the big bump or the weight gain that gets me; it’s the feeling of pressure and spreading.

5.5 months pregnant

crossfit pregnant

After a week at the beach without traditional workouts, I jumped back into it this week with a driveway WOD and a gym WOD (so far). Jumping rope is getting to me after a couple sets of 100, so I’ll probably have to retire it soon. I did sit-ups until 5.5 months, but am saying goodbye to them as well. I’m still managing to do box jumps on a 20-inch box, so I’ll stick with those until they are too much.

pregnant burpee box jump progression

Pregnant burpee box jump progression

Less than a month until the third trimester! Here’s to hoping it flies by 🙂

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