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18 weeks and feeling great

18 weeks. 4.5 months. 126 days. Getting closer and closer to the halfway point!

Besides a little nausea last weekend, I’ve been feeling great. My only lingering symptom is the heartburn, but I figure it’s settled in for the long haul. So I’d better get used to it.

James made us appointments with our chiropractor yesterday. When he told me about the appointment, I asked if it was similar to a couple massage, only it’s not romantic and all you hear is the cringing sound of cracking bones. Despite poking fun, I definitely needed it, as I had a jammed hip, which explains why rowing hasn’t felt great lately. I warmed up with a row at CFA this morning, and I felt great. I’m going to try to go back every few weeks.

This past week, I managed to get in a lot of workouts.

  • Monday I scaled Grace to 75lbs. Then we did Annie afterwards, and I scaled from double unders to 3x the amount of regular jump ropes. The situps weren’t a problem at all, so I’ll continue to do them but closely monitor how I feel.
  • Tuesday I had a softball game, and we eeked out a win.
  • Wednesday we did Diane. I scaled deadlifts to 125lbs, and tried using bands for the first 21 handstand pushups, but scaled to pushups for the second and third rounds. Being upside down did not agree with me, so I’ll avoid that for the rest of my pregnancy.
  • Thursday the WOD was ‘Outdoor Field Day,’ and we ended up running two miles, but stopping at two different intervals. At one interval, we did 50 pushups and 30 air squats. At the other we did suicides based on parking spaces lines. This was a hard one for me, as my bladder felt full the whole time I was running. After the first five minutes, I got used to it, but it was so hot at 5pm and not much breeze. Least to say, I was jogging instead of running.
  • Friday, I went to the morning class and did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of 65lb bench press and 55lb cleans. Then we did a pullup ladder.
  • This morning, the WOD was brutal. We paired up to complete 100 Wallballs, 100 Hurdle Jump Burpees, 100 Back Entensions, 30 Forty Foot Bear Crawls, 30 Sotts Presses and 30 Atomic Situps. Only one person could work at a time. My partner and I had just started on the Sotts presses when our trainer yelled for us to stop. We’d been working for 33 minutes up until then, and I managed to drink my whole 32 oz water bottle during the workout. At least that helped to keep me cool!

Now for some pics. Once again, I feel like I look much bigger than this, but this pic was taken this morning before I headed to the gym. By the end of the day I expand quite a bit.

And some pics from our workout this morning…

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