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Nesting Urges before Third Trimester

I’m less than a week from beginning my third trimester of this pregnancy, and I can’t help but marvel at how great I’m feeling now compared to just a month ago. Of course, I realize it’s just a phase because before I know it I’ll be large and uncomfortable, but for now I’m making the most of this feeling, which typically hits most women at the start of the second trimester, not right before the third.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still tired and achy at times, but I think my brain has just realized I have about three months to go and oh so much to do before then. I have a renewed sense of productivity for house projects; I’m hoping to get several completed before winter hits and we’re in hibernation thanks to the weather and Scarlett’s arrival. And if I don’t get them done this fall, it will likely be another year before they make it back on the to-do list, if this past year after Beau’s birth was any indication.

I’m excited about creating Baby Scarlett’s nursery, because I get to start over with new ideas and am making a plan for how to repurpose existing furniture and decor (most were thrifted) so that it’s not a huge expense. Of course, completing the nursery means Beau must be moved into JM’s room, and I am trying to put that off as long as possible because I’m afraid his good sleeping habits, which have only been consistent for the past month, will be thrown off and both boys will be up at all hours of the night. Just what Mama needs before hazy nights of tending to a newborn begin.

But apart from the nursery, there are other tweaks I’m hoping to complete, such as:

  • finishing my entryway
  • hanging frames in our master bedroom
  • replacing the shower door, shower fixtures and faucets in the master bath (thanks for volunteering for this Dad!)
  • lightening the decor on our upstairs landing
  • switching the nursery and guest room
  • finding wall art and bedding for guest room
  • hanging wall art in playroom

I think these projects are enough to keep me busy until D-day.

repurpose for nursery

clothing donation


old frames to paint


master frames

I’m in the phase now where I’ve got a million to-dos running through my head at all times, and resting seems like a waste of precious time since I’m actually feeling good for now. So nap times this past week were spent making lots and lots of food: taco soup, buffalo chicken soup, pork chili, beef bourguignon and sweet-potato topped chicken pot pie (recipe coming this week). I made enough for dinners, then stocked my freezer with the rest. This was on top of the double recipes of apple cake, cinnamon rolls and paleo banana bread I made…because I love baking and because it’s a great outlet for me.

charred peppers

double batch cooking

My house is also the cleanest it’s been in months and months. Because if I have any spare time that isn’t devoted to projects or cooking, my brain insists I should be cleaning. I don’t normally feel this way, trust me. But like I said, I feel like I’m in go-go-go mode while I still have the opportunity.

Despite Beau’s better sleeping habits, I’m still tossing and turning with achy hips that require a change of position every hour. Couple that with frequent bathroom breaks and Scarlett’s night owl tendencies (she kicked me for 1.5 hours the other night and all I could do was lay there), and my quality of sleep is definitely lacking. This morning, I woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought I might as well get up and get my day started. I remember this happening toward the end of my pregnancy with Beau, but I am not toward the end yet, so I’m hoping this crazed must-always-be-doing-something tendency will run it’s course over the next month then I’ll rest some 🙂 Or I’ll just wear myself out as much as possible before having this baby. It’s a toss up as to how it will play out at this point!

So, I’m full into the nesting period as the impending arrival of baby girl is really starting to settle in. I have no idea how crazy my days will be once she gets here, but I am excited to hold a newborn in my arms again.



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