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Last week was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I braced myself for the hills of worry, anxiousness and fear of the unknown, then fought so hard to cling to faith, trust and His truth. It was a battle…it still is a battle. That said, we are finally on the path of discovery for Beau’s health. And as much as we’re grateful to be making progress, it’s also tough to see your child receiving so much poking and prodding. Beau underwent anesthesia for a procedure last week and his sensitive lungs are still attempting to recover, which hurts my Mama heart to know that I was the one pushing for it, pushing for answers.

This Mama job is tough. There is no clocking in and out. You’re on call all the time. You have rolling catalogs of information streaming through your subconscious. You constantly consult Dr. Google about symptoms and side effects and treatments. You seek out Mamas in similar situations for advice and support. You fight so hard for your child to get the best possible medical attention. Yet, you cry silent tears when he actually gets it because this is not the stuff from which childhood memories are made. It’s a big job–being a person’s No. 1 advocate. But it’s a job that’s ingrained within every fiber of my being. It’s my calling, now and forever. And as my own Mama always reminds me, “No one will ever love you like your Mama.”

Today, in the outskirts of Atlanta, it’s raining and my hair is frizzing and the bottom of my jeans are soaked from thinking it was a good idea to take the babies to Costco this morning. So I figure it’s the perfect time (especially after the rollercoaster of last week) to mentally clock out, if only during naptime, and reflect on some inspiring travel quotes that I’ve been pinning. Check out my RV Travel Quotes Pinterest board for my sources and more inspiring travel quotes.

RV travel quotesRV travel quotesRV travel quotesRV travel quotes



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