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8 Month Bump Update

8 month bump

I’m a week late posting this bump update, but I figured better late than never. It seems like time has flown by since my 7-month update, which is mostly because fall is filled with Georgia football and fun, festive outdoor activities. On top of that is the ever growing to-do list in my mind, all of which I hope to mark off in the next month (fingers crossed).

It’s crazy to think that Scarlett could be here in the next 5 (if she arrives two weeks early like Beau) to 7 weeks. I’m wistful she’ll be a week or two early, because the farther along I get and the bigger my belly gets, the harder it is to keep up with this little fellow.

beau 15 month checkup beau pot boots

From my social media posts, I know I make him out to be a crazy little fellow. And not that he isn’t, but he’s also got a super, sweet side as well. He’s just at that age and stage (15.5 months) where he’s into anything and everything, and it seems his current mission is to have Mama racing to save him from danger. I’m not sure if not being pregnant but carrying around a newborn will make the situation any easier or not, but I’m ready to give it a try!

So when people ask me how I’m feeling, I tell them pretty good, except for all that time spent lugging Beau around or pulling him off of tall surfaces.

jm school pics 2014 fall

A couple weeks ago, I took James Michael out by himself to run errands for the morning, and realized how easy he is at this stage. He’s independent, communicative and easily entertained by mundane errands. I thought to myself, so this is what it’s like when people wait until their oldest is 2.5 to 3 years old before having baby #2. Smart! But I’m sure it all boils down to what you’re used to and every child is different as well.

8 months

At my OB appointment last week (32.5 weeks), I had gained 22 lbs and my uterus was measuring 32 cm, right on track, according to my midwife. She also reviewed my blood sugar levels from earlier in the month and cleared me from having gestational diabetes. Taking the gestational diabetes education class and tracking my blood sugars four times a day for a week was quite a bit more effort than taking the 3-hour glucose test, but admittedly, I can be stubborn sometimes. But the good news is the class didn’t make me feel sick for 24 hours like the glucose drink did last pregnancy.

crossfitting 8 months pregnantI’m still CrossFitting, but I have only managed to get in the gym once a week the past couple weeks. I continue to lift, but do what I can as far as weights and what feels good. I’ve scaled power cleans to hanging power cleans, otherwise I hit the bump. And the same goes for snatches. I thought it was a bit hilarious when Wodify (our online workout tracking system) indicated I PRed in back squats at 125 lbs last week. Obviously, I’ve done more weight than that, but I guess not since the gym started Wodify a year ago. PR at 8 months–I’ll take it! I am stronger now in some areas than I was a few months after having Beau though. Maybe it’s the extra weight I’ve put on, and the slightly better sleep I’m getting.

At this point in my pregnancy with Beau, I really cut back going to the gym. We had just moved into our current house, and I had a ton to do at night after work to get the house in order. Also, it was hard keeping JM out of harm’s way at the gym. Luckily, James watches the boys every Tuesday morning so I can workout, and when my bible study ends later this month, I’ll be able to start going back on Thursday mornings.

beau's nurseryI’m devoting the next two weekends to getting the nursery ready (thanks to the generous help of my parents and James’ mom watching the Rowdy boys). I’m actualy in pretty good shape already, after my mom came to visit for roughly 24 hours recently and James’ mom was gracious enough to wash and organize all of Scarlett’s (hand-me-down) clothes.

So next weekend, I’m working on picking up a few decorative items to change the look from boy to girl nursery, and stock up on a few essentials such as newborn diapers, swaddlers (I’ve heard they’re awesome), etc. Oh yeah, and James and I will be test driving cars with a third row this weekend because three car seats will not fit side-by-side-by-side in my Camry.

When James’ mom comes the following weekend, I’ll get her to help me organize everything (her specialty) and we’ll do any last-minute tweaks. Having a plan makes me feel like I’m on top of things, even if I’m not able to complete it all so soon.

At 33 weeks along, I can feel the end approaching very soon. I don’t know exactly how we’ll survive, but we will. We’ll make room for little Scarlett in our lives, and she will fit in like she was always part of the plan.



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