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Lake Living and July 4th

July 4 sunset firecracker

We’re coming up on three months living in my Grandma’s old house, which we affectionately refer to as the Lake House. And though I miss the pool access in our old neighborhood, there is something renewing about our current lake view that gives me a breath of fresh air on even the hardest of days.

lake living 1

We’ve enjoyed many days spent out on the water, swimming at the old dock, taking sunset boat rides, spending the afternoon anchored in remote coves. Even though we’ve had to scale our traveling plans back a bit for now, lake living is a welcome consolation.

lake living 2

This is our summer to soak up not just lake life, but time with family. At this point next year, we don’t know how our story will play out. We could be traveling out West (fingers crossed). We could still be living at the Lake House. We could have moved on to something else. I’m learning not to dwell so much on the future and things I can’t currently change, but embrace the life we’re living now.

lake living 3

We spent Independence Day weekend at the Lake House celebrating with family. The kids loved having both Grandmas and two Great Grandmothers around to celebrate. We had a smorgasbord of food and festive desserts, and we picnicked in the carport like the classy family we are.

lake living 4

We spent Saturday night enjoying sparklers (no child was harmed!) and shot a few of our own fireworks off at the lake before enjoying the neighbor’s more extensive firecracker show. The weekend was exhausting but so fulfilling.


We have one day to recover then we hit the road tomorrow for an RV trip to FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia, for a few days.



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