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Grown, Picked and Squeezed in Florida

This post is sponsored by Indian River Select Brand Juice, but all opinions expressed are my own.

One of the things I look forward to the most during the winter season is fresh citrus produce. By the time December hits each year, I crave fresh Florida oranges and grapefruit, and tend to buy them and devour them in bulk. Fresh citrus seems to help to balance out other heavy foods over the holidays and refresh the palate. Growing up, my mom always had a bowl of fresh citrus fruit ready to eat throughout the winter season. And to this day, citrus bowls are still her go-to item for cold-weather get-togethers.

But now that it’s nearly spring, fresh citrus is on it’s way out as other fruit comes into season. The good news is that if you live near a Food City store, you can still get fresh-tasting citrus no matter the season. Indian River Select Brand Juice is now stocking the shelves of Food City stores in north Georgia (my home state), as well as Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.

My kids gobble up oranges and grapefruit by the slices, and they can down a full glass of Indian River Select Brand orange juice in about 5 seconds flat. It’s that good.

Food City stores carry the following varieties of Indian River Select Brand citrus juices: 59 oz. Valencia Orange Juice, 59 oz. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice and 59 oz. Original Orange Juice.

Indian River Select Premium Juices are picked, squeezed, bottled and shipped from the world renowned Indian River Citrus District of Florida. And Indian River chooses only mid to late season oranges and grapefruit, picked at their peak, to produce a richer, sweeter, fresher tasting juice.

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