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Simple, Awesome and Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids Ages 6-12

Got kids? Check out this awesome list of outdoor toys for kids that have been tested again and again.

If you’re looking for a toy or gift for active kids, you’ve come to the right place. With four kids of my own, I’m sharing their favorite outdoor toys that they play with again and again.

These outdoor toys keep them active and engaged, despite the simplicity of many of the toys. What I can’t guarantee is that any of these toys will keep your kids from fighting!

So if you’re looking to buy an awesome gift for some active kids in your life, be sure to check out this list of fun outdoor toys that will last for years.

Simple, Awesome and Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids Ages 6-12


For years, my kids have played with this set of kickballs coupled with outdoor rubber bases. Kickball is an easier sport to learn for younger kids who are less coordinated. Plus, kickballs can also double as dodgeballs.

Tree Swings

It’s hard for any kid to resist a tree swing. We’ve had this disc tree swing for more than 5 years and they still fight over who gets to swing. Thankfully, we also have this large rectangular swing nearby that allows everyone to swing at the same time. It’s more than 4 years old and still going strong, weathering well and very durable despite four swinging at once. If you need a tree hanging kit, this is the one we used.


Many kids have never heard of Badminton, but Goodminton is an easy outdoor game that your kids can play without the hassle of setting up a net. My kids love hitting the birdie outside—and on rainy days, I even let them volley in the living room since the lightweight birdie can’t break anything!

Hatchet Multitool

This may get a little pushback, but if your child is responsible and resourceful, he or she will love this hatchet multitool. My oldest boys, ages 8 and 10, love using this tool to create forts in the woods. We have reviewed safety measures with them and so far, they have not been injured. For safety reasons, we do keep the tool stored up high out of the reach of our toddler when not in use.

Razor Trike

We have owned this Razor Trike for nearly 7 years and it is still going strong! It’s still a kid favorite and any child who comes to play typically goes straight for this trike. It’s a great fit for kids ages 6-12—and even younger toddler siblings can squeeze in behind a big kid on the seat and enjoy a ride (we would know!).


Four years ago, my kids got this beginner slackline kit for Christmas that they still play with year round. My oldest boys, ages 10 and 8, can even put the kit and take it down by themselves. They string the line and the trainer line between two trees, then have a blast playing with friends and neighborhood kids on the line, using their imagination and creating obstacle courses.


Most kids can ride a bike by age 6 or 7, so an all-terrain bike such as a 20-inch mountain bike is a great way for your child to spend time exploring the great outdoors. Not only can they ride on your driveway or pavement, but a mountain bike also lets the easily ride through the yard or the woods.


We’ve had these starter penny boards for 4 years my big kids recently got larger 31-inch 7-ply maple skateboard that they are loving to learn to use.

Skateboards seem like such a simple toy, but with a little creativity, kids can do more than just skate upright on a board. My younger, less coordinate kids love to sit on skateboards and ride them down our driveway. Kids can even make a train of skateboards to ride down a slight slope or try pulling a skateboard behind a bike using a rope (similar to waterskiing).

Whiffle Ball Set

It’s really hard to beat a classic game of whiffle ball with friends and family. And you’ll be more apt to play as an adult knowing that you can’t get clocked in the head with a hard baseball. Older kids ages 6-12 can use a whiffle ball set like this one that includes slimmer bats.


Sometimes, the simplest of toys can be the most fun. Our kids love playing with these junior footballs. Sometimes, they will run routes as we throw them passes, they play keep away from each other or they pack a football in their backpack to play with during recess at school. We have this higher end Nike junior football as well as this more affordable Wilson junior football and both have held up well.


Though I’m sure many ER visits have been the result of trampoline jumping, I’m happy to say that my kids have never gotten hurt on a trampoline. Though trampolines can vary greatly in price depending on the size, you can search for the right fit for the amount of kids you have. You can go with a classic trampoline with a safety net or upgrade to a higher-end spring-free trampoline.


Basic, manual-powered scooters are great toys for kids. We’ve had this simple Razor Scooter for nearly 6 years and it has held up even among the roughest play. Scooters help kids to perfect their balance even before they can balance on a bicycle.

Once your kids are at least 8 years old, they will also love zipping around on a battery-powered scooter such as this one. Just don’t forget to ensure they strap on a helmet for safely. These are great around flat driveways, open parking lots and even campgrounds.

Snow Sleds

Though we only get snow a once or twice each winter in North Georgia, you’d better believe we are ready for it with sleds. We love the classic plastic sled, the snowboard sled and the inflatable snow tube.

Basketball Goal

Whether your kid play basketball on a official team or not, having a goal at home is still a fun way to use up energy and spend time outside. Find a goal that is adjustable to 8.5 feet for younger kids, like this adjustable basketball goal we got for our kids. We often play 21 or HORSE on our goal as a family.

What are your favorite outdoor toys for kids?



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