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The Best Dairy Free Coffee Creamer Recipe [Nutpods Copycat]

If you’re looking for a dairy free coffee creamer that is on point with the name brand Nutpods, try out this creamier, cheaper version that is simple to make.

For some people, conventional coffee creamers don’t sit well, they are allergic to the ingredients or they want to drink their coffee with simple (pronouncable) healthy ingredients. If any of these scenarios fits you, then you’ll love this creamy dairy free coffee creamer recipe that is much cheaper than the name brand Nutpods creamers. (The French Vanilla flavor was my favorite!)

This recipe was born when I ran out of my beloved Nutpod creamers one morning. Knowing I couldn’t get by with a new baby without coffee, I tried my hand at making my own version of Nutpods, which turned out just as creamy and tasty at much less the cost.

You can whip up this copycat version in less than 5 minutes—and it may even be a tad creamier than the Nutpods version. Plus it doesn’t hurt that this batch costs less than half the price per ounce than Nutpods!

the best dairy free coffee creamer [copycat nutpods]

Copycat Nutpods Coffee Creamer


  • 2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 can full fat coconut milk
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • seeds from 1 vanilla bean (or 1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract)

Simple blend all ingredients with hand mixer or in a blender. Makes just shy of 4 cups. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

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What’s your favorite dairy free coffee creamer?



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    1. I do like this! I have learned how to use an immersion blender and blend a little almond butter like a tablespoon with a cup of water to make my own almond milk and it really elevates this creamer

      1. Hi, came across this recipe and super excited to try it. What brand of coconut milk do you use. Also, does coconut CREAM work the same in this recipe? Thanks so much in advance!

        1. Hi! I typically use Thai Kitchen because that’s what’s available near me, but most any full fat coconut milk will work. I have yet to try coconut cream but it would definitely work. You may have to add a little more almond milk to make it the right consistency and not too thick.

      1. How well does this stay emulsified over a few days in the fridge? I wonder if adding a little lecithin would help the shelf life (and if so, how much).

        1. Hi there. I often use a hand immersion blender to make this and it stays emulsified over the week while I consume it. I have never worked with lecithin before so I wish I could pipe in more.

  1. Hi-I have a question-what about the gums used in Nutpods to thicken it? Will this recipe stay distributed throughout your coffee like Nutpods or will it act like coconut milk or almond milk alone? Do you know if it will froth in a frother?

    1. Hi–good question! Mine only lasts in the fridge for less than a week, but thankfully it doesn’t separate since it is well blended. It also stirs evenly in my coffee. I have never used a frother though so I am unsure about that.

    2. I did the unsweetened coconut milk and it didn’t froth as well but just as delicious. I actually preferred it. I don’t want my morning coffee to taste like dessert .

  2. Yum! This was delicious and super easy to make. As a personal preference, I doubled the amount of vanilla. It was pretty creamy as is but next time I’ll try it with coconut cream. Thank you so much for sharing! Any advice for making other flavors, like hazelnut?

    1. Oh good question! I wonder if you could soak hazelnuts to make hazelnut milk like people do for almond milk. That may give a lot more of the hazelnut flavor.

  3. I was going to experiment with making a copycat for Nutpods but wasn’t sure about how much coconut cream to use. Thank you for experimenting and sharing your results. I imagine that the guar gum that is usually in coconut cream works as a good stabilizer, helping keep the emulsion together throughout the week.

  4. Ohhh.
    I bet for the bare minimum of dirty dishes, you could throw all the ingredients into a quart jar, maybe heat them a minute or two to make sure they mix well, cover and shake like mad.
    I think I even have a screw on pourspout around here somewhere! easy Peezy!
    Thanks!! could you leave me a reply if you have figured out what to add to duplicate the cookie butter flavor?? That’s my favorite.

    1. That’s an awesome idea. I have honestly never even tried the cookie butter flavor, but it sounds amazing. I wonder if you add a little almond extract or another extract how that would taste!

  5. I’ve been using this recipe for awhile now and love it. The coconut cream. does like to separate some, so I tried something different this time. I gently warmed the coconut milk in a saucepan until it was just melted, then whisked in the almond milk and vanilla. Let it cool to room temp in it mason jar and then put it in the fridge. It’s stayed emulsified much better than when I use the blender or mixer.
    If your kitchen or climate are on the warm side, this may be a non-issue, but I was finding myself using up all the good coconut cream in the first few uses and the latter half of the batch was left more watery.

  6. Any suggestions about how to make this using starting with water and almomds instead of almond milk? Thanks!

    1. Julie, I would suggest finding a recipe for homemade almond milk if you want to avoid using store bought. My experience making homemade almond milk was that it is watery unless you use half the water most recipes called for, it separates, and it only keeps about 3-4 days. You might have better luck with it than I did. Good luck!

  7. I want to say thank you for creating this recipe! I don’t like sweet coffee which is why I like nutpods flavors, but they’re getting very expensive. one could add other flavors or spices to this base recipe if they are so inclined.

  8. I really wanted to like this copycat recipe because I drink coffee with nutpods every day and it has become an expensive habit. Unfortunately, this didn’t have the taste, mouthfeel or frothing ability as nutpods. Based on all the positive comments, had high expectations. Very disappointed.

  9. hi i’m excited to try this.
    4 cups is enough to last me 2 weeks at least. will it go bad or should i cut recipe in half?

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