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Favorite Things from January

At the beginning of January, I didn’t have time to share my favorite things from December. Instead, I just did a quick social media post raving about these Souper Cubes, perfect for freezing bone broth, soups, stews and even other foods. (They are still just as awesome as they were a month ago!)

Though it’s well into February now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from January. Some were actually Christmas gifts that I received or that I gifted.

At any rate, I love hearing others’ reviews of new products so I thought I’d share my take on my favorite things from the past month.

Favorite Things from January 2019

Favorite Things from January

Le Creuset Dutch Oven
I got my first Le Creuset piece for Christmas this year. I have always heard great things about the products, and my dutch oven has not disappointed. Some ladies might want a Coach purse for Christmas. That’s lost on me. I love my kitchen products. I love that this piece is huge—crucial for a big family with lots of boys. But I also have made several meals where I saute veggies on the stovetop before mixing up a dish and popping the whole thing in the oven to cook. This dutch oven weighs a ton, but it’s also evident that it will last for decades.

Collagen Peptides
I’ve been on the collagen train for a while, but when I started the postpartum hair shedding phased I increased my collagen even more. I have purchased several brands over the years (Great Lakes, Now Foods, Vital Proteins), but came across this brand a few weeks ago. The price point got me and I ordered some when my Great Lakes collagen ran out. It actually dissolves better in my coffee than Great Lakes and doesn’t stick to my frother as much.

Soft Toybox
This was pretty much the only gift Grady got from Santa. Previously, we had a heavy wooden toy box with sharp corners. It started coming apart after 6 years and I knew we had gotten lucky not to have any injuries from it. So I decided to replace it with a soft (much cheaper) toy box. This one is super cuter and there are several more designs.

BeautyCounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel
I first tried out BeautyCounter products about 10 months ago. I was pregnant with Grady and my normal products weren’t working for me and I gave the BeautyCounter charcoal line a shot and loved it. A couple months ago, I ordered this resurfacing peel and it has been a lifesaver. Life has been chaos since November between sickness and surgeries and constant sleep deprivation. This peel (which doesn’t do any peeling of your skin) is amazing. I wake up after a rough night of sleep and my face will look like I’ve slept 8 hours. Not my eyes, of course. They will still have dark circles! I use this peel about three times a week.

Kindle Paperwhite
We are through and through an Amazon Prime family. We’ve had Prime for more than 10 years, and order a ton through it to avoid going to retail stores—especially with our kids in tow. For once in his life, the hubby ordered my birthday gifts TWO MONTHS EARLY. This is unprecedented for him. Unfortunately, I didn’t read his name on the Amazon package and accidentally opened my birthday gift two months early. Oops. I tried to tape the package back together, but obviously he noticed. So basically he said I should go ahead and start using it since I already know what it is. We are readers and read every night before bed, so I was excited to upgrade my old Kindle. Not only does this one have updated navigation and features, but it has the front-lit screen. With my old Kindle, I had to use a clip on light to read if my husband went to bed first or if I was out of town sharing a room with the kids. But I don’t have to worry about that any more.

Garlic Press
This may seem like a boring favorite, but I gave this to myself in my stocking for Christmas. My old garlic press (I think it was a wedding gift from 11 years ago!) was on the outs. This one is sturdy and should last another decade. The best feature is the red mold that actually helps to clean the press after you mince garlic. So much better than my old version.

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
I posted about trying out charcoal toothpaste back in the fall, but I have since found a version that is mintier and cheaper. I often buy the Hello brand of toothpaste for my kids, so when I spotted this charcoal version, I snatched up a four-pack. It is flouride-free, so even my kids can use it. But I’ll warn you: it’s a mess when they brush with this. I like this better than the last brand I bought because it’s mintier—so my mouth feels cleaner after I brush.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Set
I got my parents a set of these tumblers for Christmas and they use them all the time. This brand is great for the price and this size is perfect for mixed drinks or keeping white wine chilled.

Old Navy Activewear
I do like to work out as much as I can fit it in (3 or 4 times a week when we’re not in the throes of sickness or doctor’s appointments). But even when I’m not breaking a sweat, I tend to lean toward athleisure for attire. I get a lot of my workout clothes from Old Navy on clearance, so when a friend convinced me to try Old Navy’s high-rise pants and crops, I was hesitant at first. But after trying them, on I love them. Plus, they hide a little more when I’m using the jump rope or doing burpees (or nursing!).

I posted about these on Instagram, but my kids got a set of WikkiStix for Christmas. They are so simple, yet that’s what makes them so great. My 7 year old really let his imagination run wild crafting different objects. They will be great to take to doctor appointments and on road trips.

Bandana Bibs
All of my boys have been droolers as babies, and my six-month old is no exception. I bought these on a lark after I was given a couple similar bandana bibs. Despite not being backed in plastic, these bibs do not soak through. I love the bandana cut more than traditional bibs because they fit easier under light jackets and in the carseat and are more stylish.

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