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10 (Recent) Favorite Things from Amazon

Emerald RV Resort pool PCB

We are spending our first full week in the RV “vacationing” while visiting James’ sister and her family in Panama City Beach, Florida. So while we’re here and I’m not knee-deep in normal household chores or taking kids to and from the doctor, I actually have a little bit of free time during naptime (woohoo!). So, I thought I’d share some of my recent Amazon orders that have turned out to be favorites.

We’re a loyal Amazon family. We have Amazon Prime and I guarantee you Amazon is losing money from us because of all the free shipping. Or maybe it’s the retailers paying for shipping while Amazon rakes it in–no idea. Anyway, we order a variety of items from Amazon–from diapers to running shoes to every single Christmas present for both our families. It’s very rare that Amazon doesn’t have the best price around, and even if they don’t, we typically stick with Amazon because the return policy and customer service are outstanding. (FYI: This post is in no way sponsored by Amazon. We’ve just been huge fans for years).

I was recently scrolling through my order history on Amazon and thought I’d share some recent favorites, because that’s the best way to fill others in on great products. I always love to read what others think about products I’m considering purchasing or getting turned on to new items.

So without further ado, here are my most recent Amazon orders. And yes, I would buy them all again in a heartbeat.

bentgo kids in carseats

1. Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Box: I have a metal Planet Box (yikes, mine wasn’t this expensive) that I love and used to take my lunch while I was working, but it is too heavy for my boys to tote around and clasp is too hard for them to open. So when a friend from high school posted about loving these kids bento boxes I immediately snatched up three different colors while Amazon had a lightening deal going on. We broke them in on our trip down to Panama City Beach this past weekend and they worked great. They all fit in my backpack cooler in the car (along with other food and water bottles) and the kids ate their lunches on their laps in the car. I was debating buying one for Scarlett, but I’m glad I did because even though she can’t open hers by herself right now, she will definitely grow into it soon.

makeup eraser pink
2. Makeup Eraser: I was rather skeptical when I read the reviews about this product removing makeup–even eye makeup–with just water. But I loved the idea and thought it was worth a shot. I had been using coconut oil to remove eye makeup, but lately it had been making my eyes water a bit. The Makeup Eraser does just what it says, it removes all types of makeup from your face. And the best part is you don’t have to scrub hard, you can gently wipe with a circular motion using this cloth and your makeup comes off, even mascara. I bought my mom one for Mother’s Day and also bought my sister one for her upcoming birthday (shhh!).

bubba 24 oz tumbler
3. Bubba 24 oz. Tumbler: My mother in law gave me a large Bubba water bottle for Christmas a couple years ago, and I have used it non-stop–so much so that I was annoyed when it was dirty or in the dishwasher because it was my favorite cup. I know it sounds silly, but I love these 24 oz. tumblers because I drink a lot of water throughout the day and I love it ice-cold. I could have ordered a Yeti for nearly three times the price, but I am very happy with my Bubbas.

mesh fruit basket
4. Mesh Fruit Basket: We may or may not have had an issue this summer with pests living in my Grandma’s old house. Thankfully, our friend who owns a Truly Nolen helped us figure out it. But regardless, I bought a mesh fruit basket to keep out fruit flies as well as any other pests who may choose to crawl across our counters looking for food. I was a little weary of the apple design, but sometimes you need function over fashion. It looks like now there is a silver version available, which is more up my alley.

britax frontier carseat
5. Britax Frontier Carseat: Most moms have a favorite carseat brand, and mine happens to be Britax. Out of the six carseats we own (three in each car), five of them are Britax. I just got this sapphire blue Frontier for Beaudozer for the minivan last month as a more long-term replacement of the Britax Boulevard (which we will keep in the truck) for when he is ready for a high back booster seat in a few years. James Michael has been using the red version of the Frontier for nearly a year and I love it, especially the click-tight capabilities and the cupholders. What’s great about Beau’s new Frontier is the fabric seems much more resistant to spills and stains.

smartpants kids gummy vitamins
6. SmartyPants Kids Gummy Vitamins: I have bought my kids all sorts of gummy vitamins over the years, but this is the third bottle of SmartyPants I’ve ordered because it just seems to be the best price out there and it’s safe for Beau’s super-restrictive diet.

stretch island fruit leather
7. Stretch Island Fruit Leather: Speaking of Beau’s diet, I heard about these fruit leathers from another blogger and decided to snatch them up for him. It’s hard to find many packaged items that are ok for him to eat, and though these certainly don’t fill him up, they are a fun snack that hopefully make him feel less deprived.

uga toddler hero shirt
8. UGA Toddler Hero T-Shirts: My boys had outgrown their Georgia Bulldogs shirts from last fall, so I was on the hunt for new shirts. I found a ton of cute UGA shirts for nearly $30, which was much too expensive for my taste. But I eventually stumbled upon these hero shirts for less than $20 and knew they were perfect for my Rowdy boys.

dustmite encasements
9. Dustmite Encasements: Now that Beau is officially diagnosed with asthma on top of EOE, I have been reading up on ways to avoid asthma flare ups–though his tend to be triggered by colds most often. At any rate, dust mites are a huge trigger so I ordered allergen-proof pillowcases and mattress encasements since they are something in my power that could actually help him. The pillowcases were a bit stiff at first, but after washing they softened up and my boys sleep on their pillows without any issues.

nutiva coconut manna
10. Nutiva Coconut Manna: I have purchased Artisana and Maranatha brands of coconut butters in the past, but I tried Nutiva a couple months ago and not only is the pricepoint better, but I personally think the taste and texture is better. Coconut butter is a great way for Beau to get in extra fat and we basically use it as a special treat or dessert for him.

What are some of your favorite Amazon purchases?


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