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How to Make the Best Stacked Carnivore Burgers

If you’re following the Carnivore Diet, make way for the most delicious stacked Carnivore burgers you’ve ever tasted, using only animal products.

If you thought the Carnivore Diet was bland. Think again.

It’s amazing how much flavor can come out of a plate full of salted meat.

Though fatty steaks are a Carnivore staple, not everyone (especially those of us with four kids!) can afford steaks every meal.

That’s where delicious stacked Carnivore burgers come in.

How to make the best stacked Carnivore burgers. If you're on the Carnivore Diet, make way for the tastiest stacked Carnivore burgers you've ever tasted, using only animal products.

Everybody Loves Burgers

Did you know that Americans consumer more than 50 billion burgers a year? That’s roughly three a week for the average person.

But I’d wager that if you’re following the Carnivore Diet, you’re not the average person. I’d guess that I consume more than 10 burgers a week, while my husband’s count is at least double that.

We are unashamedly burger people. Not only are burgers more cost-effective than steak, but we’ve found dozens of variations for making stacked Carnivore burgers to suit our culinary tastes and adventures.

For us: Carnivore burgers are the one menu item that we never tire of. We have them nearly daily for lunch, regardless of what is on the menu for dinner (which, oftentimes, is more burgers!).

Burger Prep Made Easier

In fact, we eat burgers so often that we recently purchased two burger prep items to test out to see if they would make our weekly burger prep a little easier:

So far, the red silicone burger press has proven to be a lot less messy than the stackable press on the go, but time will tell! We tend to buy ground beef in bulk ranging from 4 to 6 pounds at a time, so any system to press and store large amounts of meat will be handy.

Once you’ve figured out how to pat out your burgers, try our favorite formula for a mouthwatering Carnivore nutrient-packed burger.

Stacked Carnivore Burgers Recipe


  • pork belly/bacon
  • ground beef (or other burger meat)
  • cheese
  • egg
  • pulled pork/shredded beef
  • salt

(Note: We love to throw a pork shoulder or chuck roast sprinkled with salt in the crockpot over the weekend and eat on it throughout the week)


1. Cook salted pork belly or bacon in pan and set aside on plate.

2. Pan fry burger in bacon grease and salt both sides at end. [Bonus if you add pureed liver to your burger meat!]

3. Place burger on plate and cover with thick slice of cheese while hot.

4. Fry an egg in remaining grease and place on top of cheese.

5. Lastly, fry up previously cooked pulled pork or shredded beef until browned or slightly crispy, then place on top of burger stack. This process helps to soak up all the fat in the pan.

6. Devour—but use your manners!

What’s your favorite way to prepare Carnivore burgers?

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  2. Can you share your recipe that you mentioned in your article to me?

    Once you’ve figured out how to pat out your burgers, try our favorite formula for a mouthwatering Carnivore nutrient-packed burger.

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