RV Trip: What?


Though the announcement of our upcoming cross-country RV trip may come as a surprise to some of you who know us personally, I’m sure others aren’t a bit surprised given our different personalities.

As a mom, I cling to routine and consistency like it’s second nature. No, I don’t have set meal times or nap times, but we follow a lose schedule every day that helps me stay as efficient and sane as possible. James is the more adventurous one in our relationship, and though at times he leaves me on edge (such as when he recounts a near-miss accident on his motorcycle–now sold, thank goodness) he always helps to push me out of my comfort zone.

Though this idea of a year-long RV trip was something he thought up last summer, I am fully on board and excited (and anxious) to see the country as a little family. Will it be easy? Heck no. But you know what they say: The good things in life are never easy, but they are oh so worth it.

Even though we have a few more months to go until we hit the road, God has been so faithful as the details of life are beginning to fall into place to make this dream a reality. James sold his business, his motorcycle and bought a dually truck. He continues to manage sold-out events for the Atlanta Affiliate League and just received several large orders for his new business. Of course, my focus is more on the kids, two of which have some health issues. But we are slowly figuring those out and our national coverage health insurance has given me peace of mind.

The house and all our stuff is the least of my worries. It’s been a great couple of years here in suburbia raising babies, but we will one day find a new home and furnish it as needed when we finish our adventure.

The family and friends we are leaving behind will be the hardest part. And just to put it all out there: It’s not you, it’s us. I hope no one sees this trip as a bad breakup, because for us, it’s a wonderful beginning.

This is the year we focus on our family. This is the year we parent as equals. This is the year we unschool for Pre-K. This is the year we explore the natural sights of this country, side by side.

This is the year of crazy togetherness.