New Year, New Adventure

It’s officially the New Year, which means we survived and even celebrated Beau’s tonsillectomy, Thanksgiving, James’ two-day Atlanta Affiliate League EventScarlett’s first birthday, Christmas and James Michael’s fourth birthday (in that order) all in a matter of six weeks. But cheers to the New Year and the new adventures it’s bound to bring.

Many of our friends and family have caught wind that we’re planning a big RV trip this year, but I was hesitant to put it in writing until the sale of James’ business went through on Dec. 31. Now that CrossFit Addiction has changed hands, I can hardly contain myself as we’ve checked off another major item on our launch list.

2007 dodge ram 3500 dually

First, we checked off buying a crew cab truck (which safely accommodates three carseats across the back row) to tow our future RV. Most people buy the RV first, but James found a great deal on a older Dodge Ram 3500 Dually, and considering it can tow any size RV, we felt comfortable buying it first. Then on Christmas Eve, James sold his motorcycle, which was another big to-do to get out of the way.

james motorcycle sold

Next up is buying a towable RV (which we’ve been researching for months), purging more of our stuff and eventually selling our house (we’ll put it on the market this spring). Of course, it’s not quite that simple. There’s a lot to consider before toting your family around the country for months on end, and we’re tackling one issue at a time until we launch. With any luck, we’ll be on the road by late spring/early summer, which will give us a year of adventure before our oldest child is due to start kindergarten.

I know it seems like this big news is coming out of left field, but we’ve actually been planning since last June, when James mentioned the idea to me. After slowly digesting this crazy notion of selling everything and traveling around the country as a family of five in a tiny space for a year, I began to feel the excitement growing and realized that it’s now or never. We are trading in our house full of things for a trip full of experiences.

We’ll be sharing our journey here on the blog, and I may even convince James to do a few posts since diesel trucks and the like are not my expertise. Stay tuned for countless pre-launch posts as we whittle our way from 2,400 square feet to less than 400 square feet in a matter of months.