Four Years Old

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Wow, times flies when you’re having…kids. I can still remember James Michael’s first birthday party with family, as I was 8 weeks pregnant with Beau, wondering how my baby could already be a year old…and can we handle two little ones? Obviously, we’ve survived since then and even had another baby just before James Michael’s third birthday.

jm fourth birthday cake

Our big man turned four years old on Dec. 30, and we just celebrated with his first real (aka paid) birthday party. The past two years we were sick during his birthday and were barely able to muster up blowing out candles on homemade cupcakes. But this year, I was determined to throw him a birthday party with little friends, even if planning was a bit last minute.

jm 4th bday collage 1

I booked a party at Sparkles Family Fun Center, which we had been to for the first time over the summer for Toddler Time, when little kids get to race around the skating rink on their riding toys. The boys had a blast so I knew it would be the perfect place for a birthday party, especially in the winter when outdoor parties are too unpredictable.

jm 4th bday party table

The only girls in attendance were James Michael’s cousin and his future girlfriend, whom we met at the pool this past summer 🙂 The rest of the crew was a bunch of rowdy boys who could unleash all their energy in this kid-friendly place. The kids tested out each others’ riding toys on the rink floor, underneath flashing neon lights and disco music. At one point, we spotted Beaudozer flying across the rink floor at an alarming speed while standing on a spinning skate mate, only to crash into the wall laughing.

jm fourth bday collage 2

The kids munched on pizza and cake at 10:30 a.m., and then played in jungle gym tunnels, attempted plastic skates and tried their hands at arcade games to burn off the carb load. We left the party exhausted, but grateful for such a perfect morning celebrating our little guy.

jm 4th bday collage 3

I posted a photo on Instagram this summer with a little ode to James Michael, who has the same personality today that he had at just a few weeks old. It’s amazing how a child’s personality is apparent soon after birth.

my firstborn

my line leader

my know it all

my adventurer

my people person

my interrogator

my first progenial love


Happy Fourth Birthday James Michael!