Beefin’ Up the Blog

With the New Year and our new adventure on the horizon, I’m beefing up my blog to reflect and accommodate all our exciting changes. Though I’ve been blogging for years, I haven’t had consistent time to devote to it since my first year diving in. I began blogging in 2010, before kids. I had plenty of time to blog at night while waiting on my husband James to get home from running his CrossFit gym. But a year later, James Michael was born. And 18 months later, Beau was born. And 17 months later, Scarlett was born. So now that Scarlett just turned one and I’m not 5-6 months pregnant (or pregnant at all!), I have this delusion I’ll have more time for blogging. Regardless of how that pans out, I’m trying to kick my blog into shape before we hit the road.


new blog logo 2016

Let me introduce my new logo, complete with a truck pulling an RV. My old co-worker Maria, whom I worked with in magazines, updated my old logo. Now just imagine five people crammed inside the truck for a few hours, then stuffed inside the RV for a few days 🙂 #crazytogetherness

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My connect buttons have an updated look, and I finally added a Pinterest button. I have greatly underutilized Pinterest in the past, but it makes so much sense for this trip. I’ve created some new boards to help with planning our adventure:

  • Full-time RV Family: I searched this phrase constantly last summer and found so much information on other families.
  • RV Essentials: Right now, it’s a guessing game as to what we will pack, but I will update this board once we hit the road.
  • Easy RV Meals: A friend whose family RVs periodically asked if I had any recipes that would make cooking and eating in an RV easier.
  • RV Snacks: My kids love snacks and I would love to have a running list of healthy snacks using less processed foods.
  • Minimizing: We are minimizing before we leave, and on the road (and after we’ve resettled) will hopefully keep up with the minimalist mentality.

spider chalk      Bobber the Water Safety Dog

I’ve added a Partners/Sponsors area on my sidebar. Spiderchalk is my No. 1 sponsor–for my blog and for life (shout out to you, husband!). I’m also partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to promote its National Water Safety Program, specifically the kid’s program represented by Bobber the Water Safety Dog.

To make it easy to find information about our trip, I’ve created an RV Adventure category across the top navigation bar. Below it, I’ve added a couple subcategories related to our trip, and will add more as they become relevant.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with a snapshot of my most recent parking attempt in the dually. Obviously, I need to get a better feel for the length of the truck and will resort to parking in the backs of lots for a while!