The Perfect Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

With only one kid now in diapers, you’d be surprised by how many wipes we go through in our household. I guess that’s because we’ve grown accustomed to having wipes within reach for the past 4.5 years, so we’ve come up with a plethora of uses for them besides simply wiping a baby’s tush.

I first heard about WaterWipes from other mom bloggers, who raved about the fact that WaterWipes is a chemical-free baby wipe containing only two simple ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

waterwipes shelf walgreens

So when I got a chance to try out WaterWipes, I jumped on it. And honestly, the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. For the past few weeks, Scarlett has been teething, working on cutting some molars and constantly chewing on her fingers. She’s a little more tired and cranky than normal, but the biggest sign has been her diapers.

Any parent will tell you that teething diapers are the worst. Not only does teething increase regularity, but these kinds of diapers burn and can turn into a rash in no time. So my tiny girl’s sensitive skin has been red and painful from teething diapers, and she cringes with every diaper change.

Armed with my three kids, I took a trip to Walgreens to pick up a couple packs of WaterWipes. Scarlett fell asleep in the car, so she was passed out in my arms as my Rowdy boys scanned the shelves in the baby aisle, easily spotted WaterWipes and insisted on being little gentlemen and carrying them to the register. Sometimes the smallest things make the grandest of adventures for kids.

Boys waterwipes walgreens

So now that we have been using WaterWipes for a couple weeks, what are my thoughts? First off, I love that I am using natural wipes on Scarlett that won’t further irritate her sensitive skin since WaterWipes doesn’t contain any of the potentially harmful chemicals that may be found in other baby wipes. And I’ll spare you the photos, but I was pleasantly surprised that these wipes are both durable and effective.

Despite the fact that Scarlett is my only child in diapers, we still churn through wipes. Because of my three year old’s autoimmune disorder, I’ve become very aware of what my son Beau comes into contact with. Currently, he’s on a special anti-inflammatory diet and I feed him only organic meats and produce. His eczema flares up several times a year, and I love that I can use WaterWipes as a safer, natural option on the go when wiping him down after a morning at the playground, snacking in the car or coloring his legs with markers at the gym daycare. I don’t worry about WaterWipes flaring his eczema or making his skin itchy.

beau dirty waterwipes

We also use WaterWipes at home to clean off dirty faces (especially when they are covered with avocado or peanut butter) and wipe down our toys. My kids love to use wipes to clean windows when they see me cleaning, and Scarlett has developed a bizarre affinity for chewing on the wipes, which I’m guessing is related to her teething.

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