and we’re off

After The Sickness plagued us this weekend, kindly given to me by The Bearded Hotness, and we attempted to shield The Cuteness from it, we finally reached a point mid-week where everyone was well at one time.

The Cuteness

And just in time, too, because today we head down to visit Aunt Alicia and Cousin Eden in Panama City Beach, Fla. JM has no idea what to expect, and I’m optimistic, despite the fact that his last 5+ hour car ride was to Hilton Head last July. So long as there are plenty of snacks to pacify him, I think we’ll be ok.

JM was so intrigued by packing this morning. And I had to laugh at him, because his unspoken gesture is spot on. As long as I have him, I have everything I need.

baby in suitcase


Even though I’m much more a fan of the Atlantic Ocean than the Gulf, I cannot wait to be close to water and walk along the beach. Something about it just refreshes the soul.