A Day in the Life: 4 years, 2.5 years, 13 months

I saw Brittany’s Day in the Life post earlier this week and it inspired me to do one of my own. I can’t imagine comparing a day now in suburbia with a day 6 months from now when we’re settled into a routine in our RV. But that’s another reason I want to remember this time now.

I’ve written only two posts like this in the past: 2.5 years and nearly 1 and pregnant with two toddlers.

5:55: We know the Rowdy boys are up when we hear Beau cackling. Now that they share a room, they wake up earlier than they used to. My husband James goes to get them and I roll over. I think he has pity on me since I’m still recovering from a sinus cold and laryngitis.

6:30: I can hear Beau cackling downstairs, despite my noisemaker. So I get up and go straight to the coffee since Scarlett was up in the middle of the night.

6:45: Scarlett wakes and I feed her breakfast: sausage, scrambled eggs, sweet potato hashbrowns, banana. Girl has a hollow leg.

haley skinny jeans hipster wannabe

7:20: I grab a shower and oil pull, because it’s my only chance for 15 minutes where I don’t have to speak! I get dressed and pretend I can pull off the hipster skinny jeans look. The carpet guy calls and I make sure James will be at the house when he stops by to take measurements later in the morning.

beau scarlett holding hands

7:50: Back downstairs, I eat a quick breakfast of two gluten-free waffles (Trader Joes) topped with peanut butter (don’t judge). I get the kids dressed, pick up the house a bit and attempt to fold one of two loads of clean but wrinkling laundry. Scarlett thwarts my efforts, so I place her next to Beau in the recliner and they immediately clasp hands. So so sweet.

8:45: I pack the car with hand-me-down clothes I’m returning to a friend (because we’ll have limited space in the RV) and snacks for the two youngest, then pile the kids in. I leave to drop James Michael off at preschool (realizing I forgot his school bag, oops) then we head to church.

scarlett beau church nursery

9:20: I drop the kids off at the church nursery and head to my women’s group, where we’re studying The Pentateuch.

11:30: I go get the little kids from nursery and we head to pick up JM from preschool.

boys backyard wheelbarrow

12:15: When we get home, I send the boys to play in backyard while I prep their lunch.

boys back deck lunch

12:30: They boys eat lunch. But the great outdoors are such a fun distraction so it’s more play and less lunch. I feel Scarlett inside while prepping soup for dinner.

1:00: James takes the boys upstairs to read books before naps and I nurse Scarlett before her nap.

1:15: I finish cooking the soup for dinner. Normally, I make dinner during Scarlett’s morning nap, but with Bible study on Thursday mornings I make it during nap time.

chicken no noodle soup

1:35: I finally sit down to eat my lunch, Paleo Chicken No-Noodle Soup that was left over from earlier in the week. I love cooking soups in the winter, and it’s the perfect cure-my-cold meal. I balance out that bowl of healthiness with a variation of this No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bar recipe I saw on Instagram.

pentateuch coffee

1:50: Then it’s on to working through Day 1 of my Bible study while sipping some much-needed coffee. James ventures out of his home office to talk about his new business a bit, too.

2:40: Then I finish folding the load of laundry I started in the morning and work on our personal taxes.

3:40 James Michael wakes up from his nap first, so I get him situated with a snack and clean the kitchen, sweep the floors and pick up the house again.

turkish getup haley

4:20: I head off to the 4:30 Crossfit Addiction class while James watches the kids. It’s been nearly a week since I’ve worked out thanks to being sick. I still haven’t completely kicked this cold, but I have about 80% of my voice back and was itching to move around a bit. I PR with a 50 lb dumbbell on turkish getups, but the 10-minute WOD wore me out and that cold air on my lungs was probably not the brightest idea.

5:30: After class ends, I head to Publix for milk, eggs and Beau’s prescription.

tortilla chicken soup

5:50: I spend some time with the kids then prep dinner. Paleomg’s Chicken and Tortilla Soup (the lime at the end makes all the difference!) for the adults and Aidell’s Portobello & Swiss Cheese Chicken Sausage (my fav flavor so far) for the kids.

scarlett dinner

6:30: We eat then play with the kids to use up some extra energy. Dinosaur Daddy makes an appearance and everyone gets a turned being tickled.

7:30: We skip baths (every other night in winter) and change the kids into their jammies and brush teeth. James reads the boys a few books before bed while I nurse Scarlett and put her to bed.

7:45: Then I take a quick shower because I know the next morning will be a bit crazy as I pack up my van to head to my parents house.

catan game

8:00: A couple friends come over for game night and we play The Settlers of Catan, a game we just began playing a few weeks ago. It’s a nice change up from the card games we normally play. I lose, again–but I’m finally catching on 🙂

10:15: We say our goodbyes and I read 20 minutes of Poldark, Book 2 before bed.