pink is my favorite color…

…not really, but don’t tell Aerosmith that.

More than a month ago, I vowed to decorate my cube. I figured that after 20 months at my job, now was the time to finally settle in.

Several months ago (or maybe it’s been a year by now), I met my friend Kim and Betsy at Sips and Stroke in Marietta. We had a great time painting flowers with pink backgrounds, but I knew there was no place for the canvas at my home. But now, I’ve found the perfect home for my bright painting.

My co-worker Lisa (with the decked out cube), graciously gave me the black and white ribbon that I used to create a bulletin board, which is still a work in progress. Lisa bought the ribbon to decorate a poster she made to raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in October.

I also found a few items at TJMaxx and Ross. The checkered plate and yellow striped bowl were $5 together. Whomever says bargarin shopping isn’t fun, must have never found a good deal!

The Children’s frame, well I guess I got that for being a good employee?!?! And the people in it, my brother and sister, well I guess I got them because I was such an easy baby, right mom?

And as if my co-worker Lisa hasn’t done enough for me (the inspiration and the ribbon), she surprised me last week with this awesome lamp. It’s the fraternal twin of her green one.

The pink frame was a $5 steal at Ross, and the swirl glasses were on clearance for $2 each.

All in all, I shelled out $14 for decor and got some freebies from my co-worker Lisa. Here’s to hoping the creativity keeps flowing.


I'm a full-time wife and semi-stay-at-home mom to four young kids. Day to day, I help my husband with his small business, but when I have any extra time, you can find me cooking or being active outdoors with my family. We live at the foothills of the North Georgia mountains and are embracing modern homesteading month by month.

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