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my hospital bag: k.i.s.s.

After my 37 week appointment and finding out I was 3 cm dilated, I immediately came home and packed my hospital bag. I can’t really remember what all I packed for James Michael’s birth, but I do remember bringing a small rolling piece of luggage and not even using half of the contents. This time, I’m trying my best to keep it simple and pack only what I think I’ll need in a basic duffel bag.

I’m not one of those mamas who will look put together during labor or during her stay in the hospital. I’ll most likely be makeup-less with my hair in a pony tail and arrive and leave in workout clothes. And I’m ok with that, because it’s all about me being comfortable.

hospital bag

  • flip flops
  • slippers
  • white noise machine
  • clif bars
  • undies
  • socks
  • 2 nursing bras
  • 2 nursing tanks
  • cotton skirt
  • cotton maternity shorts
  • 1 t-shirt
  • PJs (t-shirt and shorts a size up from normal)
  • light robe
  • toiletries

hospital bag toiletries

For my toiletry bag, I’m planning on skipping the makeup and just going with bathroom basics. I know the dark circles will show through regardless of the amount of foundation I cake on 🙂

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • floss
  • facial wipes
  • facial moisturizer
  • ear swabs
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hair bands
  • deodorant
  • hair brush

baby items in hospital bag

Theoretically, I don’t have to pack anything for little Beau, since Northside Hospital provides a little onesie, socks, swaddling blankets and a hat, but I still wanted to pack a few things.

  • Muslin swaddling blanket
  • 2 newborn footed sleepers with fold-over fabric for hands
  • newborn onesie and pant

Everything mentioned and pictured above is packed and ready to go, but there are some last-minute items I need to remember to throw in the car.

  • Purse
  • Cell
  • Cell charger
  • Laptop and power cord (Still deciding if I want to fool with this. I might just rely on my phone.)
  • Pillow

JM messy yogurt

I’ve also packed a bag for James Michael, because more than likely my sister will be the first to intercept him since she lives closest to the hospital and also works there. Beau’s car seat is also installed in my car as of this afternoon.

We’re as prepared as possible for the unexpected!



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