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Today marks 20 weeks of pregnancy! On Wednesday, I had an anatomy ultrasound, where we found out it’s a healthy boy!

He’s definitely got the Shuler legs, with plenty of meat on them.

I tried to take a photo of the glossy printout, that’s why the images appear a bit blurry.

Baby boy is measuring a day or two ahead, to which James said, “Good, I don’t want a scrawny baby.” I thought that was cute. If history dares to repeat itself, we have no chance of a tiny baby. James was 8 pounds 15 ounces, and I was a whopping 9 pounds, though I was 2.5 weeks late. Crossing my fingers my body is up for this challenge. Looks like it doesn’t have the choice 🙂

Baby boy was moving around like crazy during the ultrasound. He’s got so much space at this point he was practically doing flips. He gave me quite a few kicks, especially directly where the sonogram wand was moving. He’s a wily one already. The procedure confirmed baby boy is healthy and weighs roughly 11 ounces, and that I am low risk.

So what’s happening with my body? Das bump is continuing to expand. Regular shirts are getting much too tight to wear, and my belly band only works with a couple pairs of work pants.

My bump doesn’t look super pronounced yet, because I’m gaining weight throughout my core instead of just in one place. But I foresee the move to maternity clothing very soon in my future. I can’t fill out any full panel maternity pants, but now they have low-rise styles with elastic waists that hit below your bump. I just found a pair of jeans at Old Navy cut like that. Looking at them on the rack, I was skeptical. But they fit perfectly and I’m hoping I can wear them throughout the fall.

I also scored a full-panel denim skirt that I’ll grow into. I’m thinking skirts and dresses with flat boots will be a staple for me this fall. They’re more comfortable than pants, and will make me feel pretty 🙂

At my regular OBGYN appointment last week, I revealed to my doctor that I was still working out, and asked if I should still be doing sit-ups. He replied exactly as I suspected…No. That’s fine, I know the dangers of split abs, though it’s still more common in women with weak cores instead of strong ones. So for now, I’m retiring my ab mat sit-ups at the gym. I’ll resort to plank holds and other safer methods. At least I got in a good 20 weeks doing sit-ups, so I can’t complain.

The rest of my CrossFit workouts have been going well. I’m still experiencing the exploding bladder feeling when running, but most of it is just my body tricking itself. I’ve done quite a few long CrossFit works (25+ minutes) and have felt great doing them. Salvation was the big one this week: 800m run, 30 wall balls, 1000m row, 30 burpees, 200 jump rope and 30 tire flips. I really slowed down on the burpees, simply because I can’t fling my belly on the mat like a fish any more. I have to slowly lower myself, without smashing my belly, then push back up. But all in all I feel good, and am about to head out the door for Fight Gone Bad this morning.

I’ve still got a couple recipes I want to post, and then show off all the free stuff I’ve been overwhelmed with in the past couple weeks. Stay tuned…

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  1. Great pics Haley! And cuuuuuuute belly! I’m going to start doing weighted pullups just to keep up with you. . .

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