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bump update: 4 months

With Beau’s pregnancy, I was overly ambitious and managed to post weekly bump updates. This go round, once a month seems far more attainable since I have my hands full and no longer have the perk of a corporate lunch break to write posts.

16 weeks pregnant

So, how am I feeling? Unlike my pregnancies with the boys, with this pregnancy my nausea and extreme fatigue didn’t let up until 14 weeks. So it’s been smoother sailing these past two weeks, but I definitely don’t have that burst of energy that you hear often comes with the second trimester. I’m still beat by 5 p.m., but I think that’s just what life is like with two little boys underfoot all day long.

Beau started sleeping through the night around 11 months, but it seems like either he or James Michael have woken up during the night since then. Not that it really matters because I’m waking every few hours to relieve myself anyway #joysofpregnancy

It’s funny, because with my first pregnancy, I was so excited to hit the 16 week mark, well into the second trimester. This time, I realize just how far I have to go, so 16 weeks feels much like the first trimester to me.

As with the boys, I opted out of the first trimester screenings, but this time my OB said I could make my anatomy ultrasound appointment around 18 weeks, instead of closer to 20 weeks with the boys. So of course I jumped on that because I just want to know. I’m all set if it’s a boy, but if it’s a girl then I still won’t need too much: just some clothes, which the Grandmas are great at supplying or I may get some hand-me-downs, and maybe a little simple tweaking of the nursery decor, but nothing big.

I’m still on the fence as to the gender. Part of me thinks boy because we’re good at making boys 🙂 and my chiropractor thinks it will be a boy (and he guessed right with Beau and JM). But girl has fleetingly crossed my mind just because this first trimester was rougher than the boys’. Time will tell and two weeks is not very long to wait.

It’s hard to tell from the picture above, but I think my belly is bigger this pregnancy than with the boys. (Belly pic of pregnancy with Beau at 16 weeks.) Apparently the third time is the charm. Below is a better picture of it at 14 weeks. As of my appointment today, I’ve gained 9 lbs. With Beau, I had gained 10 lbs by 18 weeks, and I didn’t track my weight at appointments with JM.

14 weeks pregnant

I started this pregnancy roughly 5 lbs lighter than the last, mainly because my time in the gym, and subsequent muscle mass, has been drastically reduced over the past year. I have yet to break out the maternity clothes, though I think that will happen soon. The majority of my daily wear involves elastic or spandex (life of a gym owner’s wife), so that has helped. I can still wear about half the casual shorts in my wardrobe as well, but they are starting to get too tight and the last thing I need is a pregnancy-induced muffin top. I have my belly bands ready to pull out at a moment’s notice, because even though my shorts may fit in the morning, by evening (as any pregnant woman will tell you), my bump seems like it’s almost doubled.

I’m ready for the bump to pop, which should happen sometime during the next month, because I hate being in that “nothing fits” stage. Normal clothes are too small or unflattering and maternity clothes are too big. I’ve never been shy about rocking the bump with fitted clothes, but you have to have a good looking bump to do that versus a little beer belly!

I’m also ready to start wearing my own Crossfit maternity tanks. During my pregnancy with Beau, I only had one design created, and wore it the day I delivered. I think this picture was taken at 34 weeks.

CrossFit maternity tank

I’ve actually started working out more often and with more consistency since I became pregnant. I still scale many WODs because I’m just not strong enough to do multiple reps and rounds at RX weight (95 lb cleans, 135 lb deadlifts, etc) and I’m trying to avoid the sciatic nerve pain that hit around 18 and 21 weeks last pregnancy. The only movement I’ve stopped completely is GHDs; I do ab mat sit-ups instead. I can no longer flop myself down for burpees, so many movements have definitely become more challenging. I’m also still doing pullups, and will continue them until the extra weight is too much or I feel a weird stretching, which I felt last pregnancy. Overall, my goal is not to PR, but instead to retain as much of my strength and lifts as possible, as well as to keep my body moving with metcons.

photo 3

During the first trimester, I had waves of sudden hunger, but that’s died down now and I feel like I’m as hungry as I was pre-pregnancy. I’m trying to eat less junk, because I definitely had my fill in the first trimester. Still loving salads–the more toppings, the better. We’ve always been big red meat eaters, but now that we’ve got a quarter cow in the freezer, it seems like all we eat is beef. I’m trying to balance it out a little by eating fish a couple times a week.

summer salad

Compared to a month ago, I’m feeling great, which is crucial for keeping up with the Rowdy boys.



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