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The Most Unique Baby Sprinkle Gifts

If you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas to give that special friend who is having her second baby (or more), check out this unique list of baby sprinkle gifts for pregnant moms of multiple kids.

While many women have multiple baby showers to welcome their firstborn child, when it’s time for that second baby, friends are left wondering what to gift. Whether your friend is having her second, third, fourth or more baby, here are some useful and unique ideas for baby sprinkle gifts for second babies (or more).

unique gifts for baby sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle Gifts for Second Babies (or More)

Baby WipesConsumable baby products such as baby wipes will always be part of a mom’s shopping list.

Diaper Changing ClutchWith multiple kids, sometimes it’s easier to ditch the diaper bag and instead grab something smaller for diaper changes as you’re on the go. I throw this clutch in the bottom of the stroller to make diaper changes possible anywhere we go.

Amazon Gift CardIf you’re not exactly sure what a mom-to-be may need, an Amazon gift card may be the best option. Then, she can order what she needs when she needs it.

Double Stroller: ClassicUmbrella, Sit-and-Stand, JoggingFor a mom that has kids close in age, a double stroller is a lifesaver. At one point, I even looked into a triple stroller (because my first three were all born in less than three years), but they are super expensive.

Busy box for toddlers or preschoolersIf a new mom has kids close in age, gifting activities for toddler or preschool-age siblings is so helpful. This allows the mom to feed or bathe the baby without worrying as much about what her older kids are getting into.

Breastmilk CatcherFor breastfeeding moms who don’t want the hassle of pumping after feeding the baby, this breastmilk catcher is great.

Baby WashAll babies needs baths, so this consumable product is one a second-time mom will definitely use.

Newborn Photoshoot: If you want to pitch in with some friends, gifting a second-time mom with a newborn or family photoshoot will mean the world to her. Find a local photographer that will come to her home a week or two after delivery.

Sibling Shirts: Most older siblings can’t wait to show off their new arrival. And many moms love the matching outfits. Gift your second-time mom with a sibling shirt set.

Newborn Diapers or Size 1 DiapersNewborn babies can go through up to a dozen diapers a day. No new mom will ever turn down diapers. If you’re unsure of the baby’s size, it’s always smart to buy a size larger (such as Size 1), to ensure the baby won’t outgrow them too soon.

Personalized Baby Blanket: Boy or GirlMy daughter is now four years old and still loves her personalized baby blanket with her name on it. She uses it when playing with her dolls and also when cozying up to watch a movie.

Diaper Rash CreamThis has been my favorite diaper rash cream in my seven years of parenting. It works wonderfully and is safe for a baby’s skin.

SleepSack or Swaddle SleepSackI never had sleep sacks for my first three babies, but they have been wonderful with my fourth baby. Even if a mom already has a sleep sack, I can tell you first hand that having multiple sacks would be huge because blowouts are unavoidable.

Baby-Safe Laundry DetergentIf you have kids, you know how it feels like there’s a never-ending pile of laundry to wash, especially with a newborn who often has multiple outfit changes a day. Gifting a mom some laundry detergent that is gentle on a baby’s skin is a great idea.

Diaper Genie RefillsA diaper genie is one of those products that seems like a non-essential, but during middle of the night changes, you’ll be glad you have this handy item instead of having to dispose of diapers outside where they won’t smell.

What are your go-to baby sprinkle gifts?

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