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5 weeks pregnant

Today, April 30, 2011, marks the 5-week mark of my pregnancy. This past week, I was plagued by thoughts of things going wrong. But I calmed down a bit after my first doctor’s appoint on Friday, which was a quick confirmation appointment done through urine sample and a transvaginal ultrasound.

I didn’t realize they would be doing the ultrasound, and the doctor had me worried when he asked if I was having any pain on my left side. I told him no, and then he showed me what he said was a cyst on my left ovary. Interesting, I had no idea. I honestly think it might have grown since I went off birth control at the beginning of the year. He said it could still be enlarged from when the egg was released. But the good news is he said it was only filled with water.

He moved on to show me a small ring that he called the yolk sac. And he said he thinks he sees a small dot in it. This whole lack of certainty had me a little worried, but then I kept reminding myself that I was only 4w6d pregnant at the appointment.

I go back May 16 for a longer visit that will include my medical history, blood samples (6 tubes!) and another sonogram. Crossing my fingers that a heartbeat will be strong since I’ll be 7w2d at this point.

It’s still early, but the only symptom I’m having is a bit of heartburn. No nausea yet, though I hear that tends to happen at 6 or 7 weeks along. Before I even got pregnant, I just knew I’d have horrible nausea. After all, I get car sick and motion sickness all the time. So I’m still bracing myself for that in a couple weeks, but will be elated if it skips over me.

We don’t have a scale at home, but I feel like my stomach below my belly button has popped out a bit. I wasn’t expecting to notice any changes at 5 weeks, but my tummy is no longer flat any more. Wow, that was quick.

I don’t feel like I’ve been any more tired than I normally am. But that, too, could change soon. I’ve made a point to go to bed earlier. Of course, it’s hard to get in bed early when James doesn’t get home from the gym until 8:30pm. So if we turn out the lights by 9:30pm, that gives me 7.5 hours of sleep before waking up at 5am.

I’ve cut back on my coffee, which used to be crucial since I get up so early. I either make half decaf/half regular in the morning and have one small mug. Or I just pour half a mug of regular. I know that research says you can have one to two 6oz cups of coffee without any repercussions. But really, I don’t want to subject my growing baby to anything unnecessarily. I’m trying to wean myself off of coffee all together, or at least switch to tea. That’s why I really need at least 7.5 hours.

I’m going to hang by the pool with a friend today. I’m sure I’ll be self conscious that everybody can tell I’m pregnant with my mini bump! But some vitamin D sure would be nice.



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