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5 month bump update

And just like that, another month has passed and I’ve hit the halfway mark…20 weeks…5 months. Time is flying by, thanks to the Rowdy boys keeping me on my toes. I’m at the point in pregnancy where I’ve gotten my energy back (when Beau sleeps well), but have yet to hit the waddling phase, so life is good and I can enjoy these next couple months keeping up with the boys.

boys stroller

We found out two weeks ago that we’re having a little girl! James and I were both a little caught off guard, since we just assumed it’d be another boy. But we’re so excited and I’m starting to at least think about how to transition the nursery from boy to girl with just a few easy changes. I stumbled across this wall art on Pinterest this weekend and love it. I’m a sucker for Shakespeare (English major here) and like the idea of teal and coral.
girl nursery wall art

At 2.5 years old, James Michael has baby on his mind, asking everyone if they have a baby in their belly like Mama, or Mom, as he now likes to call me (tear). Though I’ve felt movement since about 17 weeks, I cannot wait until James Michael can start to feel the baby move. I think he’ll be fascinated.

So far, I’ve gained 13 lbs, more than with the boys at this point. I keep telling myself I started off 5 lbs lighter and quit breastfeeding in the first trimester, so it’s ok 🙂 Plus it’s my third. #canIgetanamen

I can’t remember exactly how much they said baby girl weighed at my ultrasound, but it was more than a pound, and that was at 18 weeks along. Looking back, James Michael was around 11 ounces at 19.5 weeks and Beau was 14 ounces at 19.5 weeks, so baby girl might be a chunky baby from the start!

18 week bump

19 week bump

20 week bump

For comparison’s sake, here’ how I looked at 20 weeks with JM and 20 weeks with Beau.

20 weeks first and second pregnancy

I’m beginning to transition over to maternity clothes. I have three awesome pairs of Champion workout shorts from Target that still fit, mainly because they have a wide waistband and the waist is cut bigger than normal, so they sit lower. I’ve been living in them (I’m wearing them in the 19 weeks picture) the past few weeks. I’ve also been working out in three non-maternity Champion tank tops I got three years ago when I was pregnant with James Michael because they are a-line cut. Besides that, I’m still wearing some regular t-shirts and tanks that are cut long enough to cover the bump.

When it comes to normal, non-workout clothes, I can no longer wear regular shorts. I have one pair of maternity jean shorts that fit, and I just bought this pair of linen maternity shorts to last me through the next 6 weeks of hot weather. I’m still not filling out the majority of maternity shirts, but can pull off a couple that are cut slimmer/smaller for a less frumpy look.

Truth be told, I’m ready for fall. Let’s just skip over August weather, ok? School just started back here, and football starts up and the end of this month. I’m ready for a legit 6-month bump and to completely switch over to maternity clothes, especially fall clothes that I haven’t worn since I was pregnant with James Michael three years ago.

bump selfie

My workouts are still going strong, thank goodness. I need them mentally as well as physically. This past week I made it to the gym 4 days in a row–a rarity for sure. I can still do all lifts, but I don’t max out on them. I love lifting, so I’m grateful I can keep up the strength I do have by continuing. For now, I can still do ab mat sit-ups. I did floor sweepers this past week and will probably retire them just because I don’t have the ab strength for them and I don’t want to strain anything.

I’m still going strong on the pull-ups, though I can definitely feel the added weight with each rep; I’m having to do smaller sets. Even though I tested out a few 24-inch box jumps the other day just to make sure I could do them 🙂 , I’m sticking with 20-inch jumps in my WODs.

So besides cutting out GHDs, floor sweepers, rope climbs and 24-inch box jumps, I’m afraid I’m also at the point where I may have to cut out running. I ran 400 meters in a WOD early last week, and later that day could practically feel my pelvis spreading, or maybe it was my groin. Regardless, it was very uncomfortable and I don’t remember feeling it this early with the boys. For the most part, I’ve been rowing instead of running, but late last week I did run some 100 foot sprints–which was more like a jog–and I felt fine afterward. So maybe it’s the distance that does it. At any rate, I’m focusing on listening to my body as I get further along to determine what I can and can’t do in the gym.

16 weeks pregnant overhead squats

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