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4-month milestone

Today marks 4 months of pregnancy for me. In some ways, time has flown by, but in other ways, I feel like the end of the year is still so far away.

Monday, I had another doctor’s appointment, which was fairly quick, but went well. Baby Hobson’s heartbeat was 152, and I seem to be on track–whatever that means 🙂 I just scheduled my next ultrasound for 19.5 weeks in mid August. Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

I figure it’s about time to post belly bump photos, so here I am at 16 weeks. Note: I took this picture this morning before heading to the gym, but by tonight, I’ll probably be several inches thicker. You can already see a little bump. At this point, I feel like I’m thickening up throughout my whole core, not just my lower stomach. I guess everyone grows differently!

After yet another workout hiatus for 4 or 5 days last week, this week I’ve been much more diligent. And honestly, traffic has been better and I haven’t had any other weeknight obligations.

Sunday I walked with a friend for 45 minutes or so. Nothing intense, but it was good to be moving after several days of inactivity.

Monday, I had a softball game at 5:30pm. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hot Monday as it was midweek. I think I was 3 for 4, and our team Nielsen Nasty won by 12 runs! Finally, we’re on a winning streak. Teammates keep asking how long I’ll play, and at this point I’m not sure, but I think I can definitely finish out the last two games of July. The season goes all the way through September, so I have no hopes of playing the entire season. For those of you balking (pun intended) at me still playing softball, have no fear: I play outfield, so there’s no worry of unpredictable grounders bouncing off stray rocks hitting me in the belly. Honestly, with the teams we’ve been playing lately, I’m lucky to get two balls a game hit to me. And I’m also careful, even though it may not always appear that way. When I’m a runner on first or third, I angle my backside toward the batter, just in case a line drive were to come my way. I’ve got plenty of padding for deflection back there! A couple teammates have questioned whether playing is too much physically. I simply tell them that softball is nothing compared to CrossFit, and I’m still doing that!

Tuesday, I finally made it back into the gym after almost a week! Aware of the record heat index, I chose to attend the 7pm class instead of 5pm. Plus, I went home after work and whipped up a big batch of German Rouladen for dinner that night. Such a great treat for a weeknight. I normally only make it on weekends since from start to finish it takes close to 4 hours. But I digress. Back to my CrossFit workout. The class was only me and Big Matt, so I didn’t have to worry about how slow I’d be compared to our awesome female members 🙂 Without further ado, let me introduce Juicy.

12-24-36 Reps:
Weighted Step-Ups 25lb dumbells onto 20″ box
Med Ball Throws using 14lb wallball

Rest 3 minutes:
4 Rounds:
20 Weighted Situps (under dumbbells)
80 Single Unders
20 KB Swings 35lbs

Normally, this first part of Juicy kicks me in the booty–literally. My glutes are usually sore for days. The Rx’d version calls for step ups on a 24″ box, but I scaled to a 20″. I knew those extra 4 inches would extend my workout exponentially. Basically, you just hold the 25lb dumbells by your sides and step up onto the box with both feet, then step down, and repeat. I tried to alternate legs so I didn’t overwork one side of my body. Med ball throws are pretty much a push press with med ball. So instead of squatting to below parallel like a wallball, you dip a few inches and throw the ball up to the target. Despite the 20″ box, this workout was still hard. My forearms pulsed from gripping the dumbells as I tried not to focus on my time. In the end, I finished about a minute less than my normal time on a 24″ box. Of course, that doesn’t say much because I’ve never been good at this workout 🙂 In many CrossFit workouts, the rep scheme decreases throughout the workout, so even though you’re tired, you have less to do each round. But with Juicy, your reps increase each round as you’re getting more tired!

The second part wasn’t bad at all, especially because I situated myself in front of our industrial fan. Hey–I’ve got an excuse now! I got through the first round without resting on KB swings, but had to split them up 11 and 9 for the remaining three, as my grip was almost gone. Still, I think I only finished a minute or so later than my normal time on this workout–though that was with 20 double unders instead of single unders. And we all know those are a huge weakness for me.

Thursday, I went back to CFA for the Endurance WOD.

5 Rounds:
1 Min Rowing
1 Min Plank

3 Rounds:
1 Min Running
1 Min Slamballs

2 rounds:
1 min of GHD sit-ups (I only went a little lower than parallel to the ground)
Rest 1 min
1 min of plate push sit-ups (only used a 10lb bumper plate)
Rest 1 min
20 minutes of yoga

Saturday (this morning) I’m heading up to the gym for this workout:

TEAM WOD (All 4 people working at the same time!)
Team Row 2,000M
400 Box Step Ups with barbell 65/45
300 Power Cleans 135/85
200 Toes To Bar
100 1-arm kb swings 55/35
50 Pistols or Deck Squats

I’ve missed the last several Saturday morning workouts, and they’re my favorite. I love knocking out a workout and then having the rest of the day to do whatever.



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  1. I am super impressed that you’re still working out in this heat! You rock. And, I really want to do that Endurance WOD, which means it probably sucks. The ones I think look “fun” are always the worst! 🙂

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