My Postpartum Experiences

the first week

Last night, Beau hit the one-week mark. In some ways, this first week has flown by, and in others, it feels like he’s been here with us for so long. He has truly been an easy, natural fit into our family.

beau horizontal

Little Beau,

You have been the easiest, sweetest baby. You love any touch, especially the stroking of your back or face, and you love to cuddle. Your daddy thinks only little girls are cuddle bugs, but I told him he needs to take full advantage of you at this age because of your love of closeness.

Even though you love to be held, you’re also completely content napping in the pack and play or the cradle rocker. I can’t tell you how much easier this makes life for your mama. As much as I’d love to hold you constantly while you sleep, those few moments I get a chance are a luxury with your 19 month old brother running around.

You love to look toward the light beaming in from the windows, and have started to have short bursts of awake time where you seem like you’re just taking it all in. Your eyes, though not nearly as big as your brother’s at birth, are just as dark a shade of navy. Based on your eyelashes and eyebrows, I predict you will also have blonde hair with dark eyes. Though you may favor James Michael in your coloring, the shape of your eyes, nose and lips is all your own.

Your temperament is so laid back; it typically takes something dramatic to make you cry. And dramatic things have been happening, as you tend to wet through your diaper several times a day and have to be stripped down. But within moments of holding you close, you are calmed. I think that your easy-going disposition may just allow me to survive toddlerhood with your brother as he starts to go through so many changes learning about the world.

When I have a few quite moments to think about, I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have you as my second baby because you complement your brother’s personality so well.

Brother meets newborn

James Michael,

You completely caught me off guard when you met Beau for the first time in the hospital. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I braced myself for a twinge of jealousy or for you to ignore Beau completely, as you tend to do with other small kids. But instead, you set foot into the hospital room and instantly begged to hold your little brother. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. You came up to me with big pleading eyes and held your arms out with palms up. You understand so much more than I give you credit for.

I’m not sure if you understand his name is Beau or he’s your brother, but you do understand he’s a baby and you walk around saying baby all the time and ask for baby as soon as you wake up from your nap. As crazy and rambunctious as your personality is, you have a definite soft spot for your brother and are gentle with him.

I truly hope that I can keep up with you with a newborn in tow and challenge your creativity and encourage your development. I think you will definitely give me a run for my money, but just like your dad, you keep me on my toes and make life interesting.

Stay tuned for a one-week postpartum update.

toddler playing with dirt



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