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On May 1, 2024, after weeks of contemplation, I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. As a person who embraces acts of discipline, I’m hesitant to commit to staying off social media for a certain time frame because I don’t want to be overly focused on self-imposed rules. Maybe my hiatus will last the month of May–or maybe it will last indefinitely. The only goal I’ve set is to remain off social media for 3 full months, until the end of summer break for my kids.

I know that summer will prove to be the hardest time to put away the escape of scrolling social media. I’ll have more downtime and also crave more moments of brief escape as my kids will be home with me for summer break. And of course I’ll be tempted to share all the fun outdoorsy ways we’ll spend our days. So by resisting the urge during summer, I hope it gives me the strength to resist it during the school year.

I’m sure I’ll go into more details for my decision to quit social media, but for now, the biggest reason is that I have found myself filling both small and large chunks of time throughout the day checking my phone, scrolling Instagram to gain inspiration from people I don’t even know, scouring Facebook for updates on people who are no longer active in my life.

And after I finally realize the time wasted, a quote from a writer I’ve admired for years always comes to mind: “Be a patron of the things that count.” (Barbara Mouser)

I’m still learning a lot in this life, but one thing I do know is that social media isn’t one of the things that should count in my life.

My hope is that this break from social media gives way to the gift of time—undistracted, focused time that fuels personal and spiritual growth while better meeting the needs of others in my life.

I do think there are benefits to social media and it’s very effective in certain ways, but I’m admitting that it’s not the calling on my life or how I should be spending so much of my time.

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