Molding the Mindset

After a week of sickness, we woke up yesterday to fever-free kids and had the best low-key Saturday cheering on big brother at flag football, playing tennis and enjoying the park. And to top it all off, the Georgia Bulldogs pulled out a W Saturday night in a big game.

I was so relieved to have the sickness behind us and grateful for the start of a new week getting back into our routine and catching up on life (all that fun stuff like cooking and cleaning and freelance work and workouts).

But early this morning, the baby woke up hot to the touch and my heart sank. I knew it was the start of week No. 2 of sickness.

I’m usually really good at keeping everything bottled up inside (for better or for worse). But I admitted to the Husband last week that sick kids this early on in the school year made me anxious for what was to come. Usually, I relieve stress by working out, cooking/baking or blogging, but ironically, those outlets are thwarted with sick kids when you are the main caregiver home alone with them.

Thankfully, the Husband stepped in last week and I snuck in a gym session, tennis set and got to attend my women’s Bible study, where I admitted that the part of my “domain” I need to work on is my mindset.

So that’s just the thing: Maybe it’s not even about sick kids. Maybe sick kids is just a surface-level issue. Maybe it’s about letting go of control and my day-to-day plans and even my long-term plans. Instead of doing more, maybe it’s about being more. Because when I think about it, my actions stem from my mindset and my heart’s posture. In effect, being influences doing.

So if my mindset is positive and hopeful, then my actions should reflect that. And on the flip side, when my mindset is disheartened or weak, that’s when I need to simply do the next right thing to get my heart back into the right place.

Time and time again, I’m learning that I’m never too old for these simple, powerful life lessons.

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