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10 Easy July 4th Activities for the Non-Craft Mom

To all the moms out there planning intricate July 4th activities for your kids: I salute you. But for the non-craft moms like me who are still looking to share in the festivities, here are 10 easy July 4th activities for the non-craft mom that don’t involve paint, hot glue or glitter.

easy 4th of july activities

I typically let my kids’ school and preschool handle crafts because they are better equipped. In a nutshell, they have the supplies, manpower and patience. But on holidays, I want to jump in the festivities too and create a fun environment for my kids. That’s why I’ve been on the prowl for easy July 4th activities that even us non-craft moms can carry out.

Easy July 4th Activities

easy july 4th activities

Patriotic Sparkler Holder

easy July 4th activities

Painted Lawn Stars

easy july 4th activities

Patriotic Window Decoration

easy july 4th activities

Jello Firecrackers

easy july 4th activities

Patriotic Bike Decorations

(Use markers instead of paint)

easy july 4th activities

Sparkless Sparklers

easy july 4th activities

Patriotic Paper Chain

easy july 4th activities

Fourth of July Dipped Pretzels

easy july 4th activities

Patriotic Wind Spinner

(use crayons instead of paint)

Fruit Sparklers


What easy July 4th activities are your favorite?



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