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thank you children’s!

When I got home from work today (my plan to go to the gym was foiled when an accident had four lanes of 75N closed), I stumbled upon a package in front of our door. I didn’t remember ordering anything, but after I ripped open the box, I saw a little something familiar that I had only ordered two days ago!

Let me explain. At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we have an employee recognition program called Celebrations. All manager-level employees and above are allotted so many Celebrations points each year to distribute to employees who go above and beyond. Employees can receive them from any manager or above from any location or department. After 2.5 years of working at Children’s, I had accumulated 97 points (lots of people earn three times that amount!). I had yet to redeem my Celebrations points because I wanted to rack up something good. I didn’t exactly know what that something would be, but I decided to set my sights on one big item instead of several lesser items (such as Spa Sydell gift certificates–I know!).

This past weekend, it dawned on me that I should purchase a camera with my points. James uses his ‘nice’ Nikon for the gym, and as a result, it most always remains at the gym. He doesn’t like toting it back home every night, and understandably so.

So, on Tuesday, I redeemed 96 of my 97 points to purchase this Samsung camera, which retails for $280 at Best Buy. One cool feature is the front LCD screen that makes it easier to take self shots. If you’re taking pictures of kids, you can also set it so that a cartoon plays on this screen to get their attention. Smart, huh?

Sure, there are much nicer cameras out there, but how many of them are free! I’m super excited because obviously this is a purchase I would never have normally made. It literally pays to be a good employee 🙂

Now, I just have to hone my photography and Photoshop skills!

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