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one month letter

Little James Michael,
I can’t believe you’ve been here a month already! So much has changed in just the past week. You’ve ventured into society a bit. Last week, I put you in my Moby wrap and we went on a couple walks while the weather was unseasonably warm. Each time, you remained fast asleep, which relieved your mama because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if I was 30 minutes into a walk and you woke up crying. I can just imagine how hard it is walking and nursing and trying to stay covered up!

Just this past week you’ve really started grinning and smiling a lot. At first, you only did it in when you were in a sleepy haze. But now, you recognize people and I can get you to smile by talking to you.

As much as I hope you’ll always love your mama, you are definitely a daddy’s boy. You recognize his voice and especially the way he handles you with his huge hands. He holds you in certain positions and it pacifies you instantly. I’ve tried these same positions, but to no avail.

You still make the craziest faces, and often wrinkle up your forehead with such ease that it’s just like breathing for you. When you’re awake, you love being held facing out so that you can see everything that’s going on around you. You love staring at lights, but if you’re somewhere with bright lights, you refuse to open your eyes.

One of your favorite positions is tummy down cradled on an arm with a chubby cheek resting in the crook of an elbow. Your grandparents (Pop and Meme) tell me that that was my favorite position to be carried, too.

Last Thursday, you had your first out of town trip. We headed to Gainesville for the weekend, and you caught your first glimpse of Lake Lanier as we ate seafood at Skogie’s with a group of doting friends.

Friday, your Aunt Ellen babysat you for two hours while mama caught up on sleep. It was her first time seeing you since the day you were born, and you welcomed her with a diaper explosion that ruined two of your outfits, her T-shirt and the blanket she laid you on to change you. Lucky for you, she thought it was hilarious and probably loves you more for it!

Friday afternoon, you spent a few hours with your great Grandma and slept for more than an hour as she held you close. She’s been waiting for you for years–just like Meme–only less vocal about it. She loves you dearly and handled you with such care.

At Meme and Pop’s house, we discovered that you loved their bouncy seat, which has a vibration option. You sat there quitely in that seat during every meal we ate. I immediately though how great it would be to put you in near me in the kitchen so I could cook dinner at night–and ended up stealing the seat for my own use 🙂 You’re welcome buddy. This should be much more comfortable (and safer) than mama trying to hold you with one arm while preparing food with the other.

Saturday, you were quite the ladies man when you came to Aunt Ellen’s bridal shower. You got ooohs and ahhhs and compliments about how handsome you are. Your Gigi (other great grandmother) held you for only the second time since you were born, and you serenaded her outfit with quite a load of urine. I guess you were just marking your territory.

Saturday night, you attended your first party–a surprise 80th birthday celebration for your Gigi. Mama and Daddy got out on the dance floor a few times, but your Gigi and Fred definitely put us to shame with their smooth moves. You were a sweet little boy at the party. Thank you for letting your mama have a night out!

The whole weekend, you did great sleeping in the car. You slept from Marietta to Gainesville, even though it took a while in traffic. But for some reason, after your Gigi’s 80th birthday, you decided to cry the entire 40 minute car ride home. We’re still not sure what happened other than it was dark outside. When your daddy played a music video on his phone and held it in front of you, you stopped crying for about 3 minutes. I’m not sure if that means you love music or light–or both.

You’ve pretty much beat the cold you got at 2 weeks old. You have tested your mama these past two weeks, especially on the nights when you wake up every hour on the hour. But last night your sleep pattern improved. Now that you’re well, I moved from sleeping in your nursery to sleeping in my bed. We put you to bed at 11pm, late for you (and us!) but it was after Gigi’s birthday party. Now that I’ve started pumping, Daddy was able to give you a bottle at 2am. That means you waited a whole 3 hours to eat–a rare occurance! Then I nursed you at 4:30am, 7am and 9:30am. Still every 2.5 hours, but anything is better than you waking up every hour to hour and a half. I got my first stretch of 5 hours of sleep, and it was incredible. I’m hoping that your sleeping woes are over now that you’re feeling well.

Your first month of life has really flown by. I’m excited to see how you grow and change over the next two months when I’m at home with you full time. You’re one special little boy–and yes, I realize I’m quite biased.

Love you always,



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