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james michael’s first birthday

We closed out 2012 with James Michael’s first birthday party, where he soaked up being the center of attention and put on quite a show. He was the only baby–make that the only child–in attendance, and he loved having 25 doting adults at his beck and call.

It was truly a party for him, as he got to skip his afternoon nap and try special-occasion foods such as his gluten-free chocolate cake and sherbet punch. Luckily, the boy isn’t too into sweets (unlike his mama), and would much rather have meat or cheese.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were welcoming our 7 pound 6 oz baby boy into the world, clueless about parenthood but with a love in our hearts that gave us the confidence to tackle anything. And throughout the past year, we not only survived, but we thrived. Sure, we’re a bit sleep deprived and always a bit tired, but our hearts are brimming with love for this little boy with such a big personality. I cannot begin to imagine how his little life will unfold over the next year, but I’m sure that by his second birthday, we’ll look back mesmerized at how much he’s changed in just one year.

We love you James Michael, now and forever.















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