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Big Mans Turns Three

Happy third birthday to my favorite first-born son! I still can’t believe I have a three year old.

jm first birthday

We had a big birthday bash for your first birthday, and almost skipped over your second birthday because you had been so sick for weeks.

jm second birthday

And this year you’re a bit under the weather as well, but luckily we have planned a week-long birthday celebration for you, between celebrating with both sets of grandparents and also your classmates at school. I don’t think you’ll turn down blowing out birthday candles on three separate occasions.

jm bday mini cupcakes

This year, I made you Home Depot mini cupcakes, because it’s your favorite place and, by association, you favorite color. All of your teachers at school have asked me if Daddy works at Home Depot because you talk about it so much and refer to the color orange as Home Depot.

jm holding newborn beauYou have the sweetest disposition toward babies, especially your baby siblings. You love them something fierce and are checking on them all the time. And even though you and Beau can put up a good fight with each other at home, if anyone else gets too close to your little brother, you step in and handle matters rather aggressively. You are constantly wanting to hold Scarlett and you put stuffed animals besides her ‘to play with’ daily. You also proclaim “I love you baby Scarlett” (pronounced ‘Scarlick’) at least three times a day.

jm holding newborn scarlett

You have grown up so much over the past few months. It’s amazing how much you comprehend and just how independent you’ve become. Your vocabulary has skyrocketed, and though I may be a little biased, I think you’re as smart as a whip. You love fixing things with your tools and trying to solve little problems. You are detail-oriented and notice every change, be it a new decoration in the house or someone’s new haircut. You don’t have the same brute strength as your brother, but you are super agile and coordinated. You are still a man’s man, as much as ever, but you’ve been more open to giving hugs and kisses to Mama and both grandmas.

I can’t wait to see what your third year has in store.



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