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10 Teacher Gift Ideas (that aren’t mugs, cups or gift cards)

I started thinking about end-of-year teacher gifts 6 weeks before the end of school. I simply hate waiting until the last minute to buy gifts and just grabbing whatever I see on a shelf. I seem to become over-analytical and eventually paralyzed if I wait until the last minute.

But in my online research, I had the hardest time finding something I really liked. My goal was to find some middle ground between a “teachery” mug or cup and a gift card. I wanted to be thoughtful yet relevant, which is not necessarily an easy task considering my kids’ teachers range from fresh out of college to retirement age.

So consider this my teacher gift idea board for teachers of all ages, priced from $15 to $30. I like to think of the majority of these gifts as classic, albeit a bit southern. And spoiler alert, I chose to buy Magnolia Table for my kids’ preschool and kindergarten teachers!

10 Teacher Gift Ideas for All Ages

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State “Home” Tote Bag

Galvanized Drinks Tub

Magnolia Table Recipe Book by Joanna Gaines

Book Ends: For home (Vintage Bicycle, “Book“, Seahorses) or the classroom (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Cats, Owls)

Essential Oils Diffuser

I Teach Tiny Humans T-shirt

Mani Pedi Kit

Rae Dunn pieces: Note holderCreate or Write pen and pencil holder

Succulent Plant Pot Set

Weekly/Monthly Planner


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