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Unique Home Gym Gifts Under $20

Check out these inexpensive home gym gifts that are all less than $20.

This Christmas, we’re in the process of building a modest home gym. It’s been a long time coming and we’re excited to be underway on the project, even if a lot of it requires a DIY learning curve. (More pictures to come once it’s complete.)

But this process got me thinking about all the home gyms that have popped up the past few years, especially post pandemic. We’ve given up commercial gyms in lieu of convenience, cost, privacy, less germs, workout personalization, no need for childcare, flexibility, no holiday closures and more.

Some of us have created small gym areas in our basements, garages, carports and even spare rooms. And some of us have erected metal outbuildings to serve as a home gym when no other logical possibilities exist (guilty!).

So if you are looking for gifts ideas to give those home gym owners in your life, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that won’t break the bank and are sure to bring a smile to anyone who works out at home.

Olympic Barbell Clips: $16.95

Once you switch from metal grip clips to this type of barbell clip, chances are you’ll never switch back. These are super easy to put on and take off–and they stay clipped when you drop weights as well.

Spider Chalk Liquid Chalk: $15.95

Give the gift of grip this year with Spider Chalk’s Black Widow Liquid Chalk. No mess in the gym and more than 200 applications per bottle. 

Balance Stability Disc: $15.30

The older we get, the more we realize the importance of stability. We use stability discs a couple times a week to work on stabilization and ankle strength.

Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmers: $15.99

No more cold hands! These rechargeable electric hand warmers last 20 hours and keep those phalanges nice and warm, which is especially crucial if you have an unheated home gym or garage gym!

Massage Ball for Myofascial Release: $8.99

If you’ve ever been sore from a workout or have developed knots, this small firm ball is painfully perfect for working out sore muscles and releasing trigger points.

High Speed Weighted Jump Rope:$11.95

What gym goer wouldn’t love this speed rope with replaceable cable? It’s always cardio season!

Gym Interval Timer: $13.99

Time your workouts, perform EMOMs, do interval training and more with this gym timer.

Pull-Up Assist and Mobility Band: $14.95

Whether you’re working on achieving a strict pull-up, increasing the amount of pull-ups you can do or working on stretching and mobility, these bands come in handy for many uses.

Compact Air Purifier: $18.95

This small purifier features 4-stage filtration, filtering up to 400 square feet every hour.

What are your favorite home gym gifts?



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