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Best Gift Ideas for Manly Men

If you’re looking for manly gift ideas for the men in your life, here is list that is free from frills.

Buying gifts for men can be difficult–maybe because they seem to have less wants and needs than women. If my husband wants something, he buys it. But even then, he doesn’t want for much. He’s happiest outdoors–doing something athletic, yard work, tooling around or fraternizing with friends (on the lake, at a cookout, around a fire pit, at a tailgate, etc.). 

But I wanted to put together a list of gift ideas for men—gifts my husband has enjoyed in the past as well as gifts I think he would enjoy in the future. I hope this gives you a jumpstart on ideas for the men in your life.

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gift ideas for men

Best Gift Ideas for Men

Magnetic Wristbands

Collegiate Fishing Shirt

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Netflix Subscription

Mesh Ballcap

Backpack Blower


Grill Thermometer

Extra Large Food Thermos

Brikka Stovetop Esspresso Maker

Thawing Tray for Frozen Meat

Rugged Ridge Vehicle Mats

Aluminum Deck Chair

Cigar Humidor

College Town Whiskey Glasses

gifts ideas men


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