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Unique Birthday Gifts for Boys Under $15

Need a last-minute boy gift that isn’t pricey? Check out this list of unique birthday gifts for boys under $15 that will arrive at your doorstep in two days.

If you’re like me, you RSVP for your child to attend a friend’s birthday party, then wait until the last minute to buy a gift because it slips your mind. To make life a little easier for you—and me—I’ve compiled a list of 15 birthday gifts for boys that will arrive at your doorstep in two days thanks to Amazon Prime. I’m a proud Amazon Prime mom since taking my kids shopping is a circus act.

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The great thing about these gifts is they are under $15, so they won’t break the bank. These gifts are perfect for elementary school boys, ages 5 to 11. We own several items off this list, have given a few as gifts and the rest are on the Amazon Christmas Wish List I’ve created for my two oldest boys.

I hope this list makes finding last-minute boy gifts just a little easier for you!

birthday gifts for boys under $15

Birthday Gifts for Boys Under $15

K’NEX Robo-Sting Set

LEGO Helicopter Set

US Army Desert Patrol Vehicle

Hands-On Junior Basketball

Solar System Puzzle

Catapult Wars

Terrarium Kit

Nerf Gun

Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Kanoodle Game

Invent the Greatest Board Game

LEGO Ideas Book

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription

LED Lanterns

What are your go-to birthday gifts for boys?

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birthday gifts for boys under $15


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